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How do I stop Poweramp from lowering music volume when switching in and out of a game?


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8 minutes ago, phu said:

You playing game while listening music (use Poweramp)???. Can SRC android do lower volume.

I'm not sure what you mean but it usually goes like this:

I open Poweramp to play music. And then I open a game, Clash Royale for example. And about one and a half second into the game's intro, the music volume gets so low I can barely hear it.

After that it plays normally without any problem. Until I press the home button to minimize the app.

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probably it is because Poweramp audio output switch from DAC/Opensl to Opensl/native, or from DVC to normal

please try to change output from high res/dac to opensl/native, or try to close DVC

this problem can not be solved as you can not directly mix two output method together, so Android just request Poweramp to change its output method, leading to a slightly volumn down.

then the volumn should be similar to those commom player, which does not support DVC or HIGH Res Output.

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