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  1. Correct. Android 8 (Oreo) is a minimum requirement for the long press to skip function. It tells you this right in the description for the option but could probably be worded better to communicate that requirement. I believe it's been tested up to Android Q. Your phone does NOT have to be rooted to use this. You need access to a Windows, Mac or Linux computer to run ADB which allows your phone to activate the permission required to use the feature. If you are rooted then all you need to do is download a Terminal app and copy the code without the adb part in it and execute it. If not rooted then you will.need to download ADB and connect your phone to allow adb to work it's magic
  2. Question. Is the long press to change track supposed to work while screen is on? It's kind of annoying. Be nice if there was an option. There's an app I have that enables this feature for all media players and gives an option for only being active with screen off but for some reason Poweramp is the only one I have experienced that it doesn't work with.
  3. Just wanted to say that on latest build 810, repeat gets stuck on single repeat. Haven't tried the other repeat options. It gets to the end and then resets to the beginning of the track and the play button still appears as the pause button but it doesn't play till I tap the pause button. It has done it with every song I've tried so far. Only thing I haven't tried yet is full rescan. I'm on LG V30 running stock Oreo
  4. Turn off the short audio focus and see if that does it
  5. Max replied to this in one of the older version threads. It's a firmware issue specific to the device you are using with DVC and that he is looking into it but no guarantee it can be resolved if I remember right was the reply
  6. That feature is part of a skin
  7. Tap and hold on the button till it opens. Works on mine.
  8. Hey man I wouldn't worry about it to much. I'm on an LG V20 with the QUAD DAC and HiRes capability but I don't even use the HiRes output because 95% of my music is not HiRes to begin with and so I use Viper and Dolby. I downloaded a 96khz Michael Jackson album off of HDtracks and I'll admit it sounds amazing with the right pair of headphones and going through the HiRes out but HiRes stuff is pricey and still pretty niche as far as my musical tastes are. I've tried since the first time I purchased PA v2 to get my music to sound good using PA's equalizer but no matter what I did I never could get it to sound as good as the specific combo of Viper and Dolby Atmos that I'm using right now.
  9. Just because it let's you enable it doesn't mean it works. 790 build doesn't include device checks for HiRes and from what I've searched about the Stylo 4 it does not support HiRes audio which is why it that option doesn't show up anymore.
  10. If I remember right that is due to an issue with DVC. Turn that off and try it.
  11. Did you upgrade or do a clean install? Maybe try a clean install and see if that works
  12. Make sure you Grant access to the root directory of you SD. If its inside a folder it won't take it.
  13. Remember there was no device check for the Hires stuff in 790 so have you confirmed that it is actually playing in Hires when using that output. That could be why it doesn't show up in the updated Beta.
  14. Not sure if you fixed this yet or not but it works fine on my setup. Running a Kenwood x599 head unit with a V20. I clean installed Poweramp though instead of upgrading from a previous installation so could be why.
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