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  1. KUSOsan

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    Just out of curiosity, has anyone confirmed that it is actually reading the quad DAC and not just the regular Snapdragon DAC?
  2. KUSOsan

    Poweramp alpha build-709

    You have to use the pebble app music boss. This started with the v3 700 alpha stuff. Hopefully will be fixed with the stable v3 but if you plan on keeping the pebble I would buy the music boss app. Lot of good features and customizations. Literally the whole reason I bought the pebble was battery life and just wanted something for when Im out working in the sun and water so I can change music and stuff I'm one of them lol. Kinda sucks they went under but it still works fine for little stuff. I have no need for a fancy Android Wear watch so pebble is a nice compromise.
  3. I can confirm on my LG V20 enabling that option allows me to play (as one long music track)it without crashing now. On a side note after using it the handiness of the search button being so close to the bottom is offset by the fact that it does not automatically bring the keyboard up after hitting the search icon. Searching is a 2 step process where I have to hit the search icon and then that brings up the search field and then I have to hot the search field just to start typing. Hopefully just a bug or an oversight as I believe the stable V2 and Alpha both behaved like that as well.
  4. There was another post on an overlap problem but I realized that on my V20 there is setting to change the DPI size which I believe comes standard in official Nougat as well and this setting definitely creates/contributes to the overlapping issue and I'm sure other phones have these kinds of settings as well and possibly labeled differently. At the max size is when it starts creating overlap issues. The other 2 sizes including the default DPI don't have any issues with overlapping
  5. I'm fairly certain it was stated by Max or Andrew that it was always planned for the finalized stable V3 to have a minimum reading of lollipop or Android 5
  6. Gotcha. I can confirm on my V20 checking the keep screen on in Poweramp does not work either.
  7. Having an S3 isn't that bad as I have still have my S4 as a backup. However running a stock TouchWiz ROM from the s3 days is a pretty masochistic move lol. The S3 has access to the latest Oreo lineage if I'm not mistaken with no major bugs
  8. Oh so you mean keep the screen turned on without it going Android going into standby after the preset time? Or are you talking about the visualization disappearing on you?
  9. No offense but it's posts like this that make writing a FAQ like the one you described a complete waste of andrew's time. If you can't be bothered to read the info instead of glancing over it then that is being pretty disrepectful to Andrew who is moderating this for free
  10. You mean without it being killed in the background or do you mean always being there in the notification pull-down?
  11. Minimum Android version is Lollipop or Android 5. The S4 never got lollipop so I'm pretty sure the S3 never did either officially.
  12. Would just like to chime in on this as this is the only post about it I saw. I also have one with a .cue file and a big flac file about 250MB that has a whole CD track set in and Poweramp Beta will not see it and if I try to play it through a file explorer then Poweramp Beta will crash. Also, a little feedback I haven't had time to test out HiRes on my V20 but the app looks pretty good and makes me want an OLED screen and can't wait for a proper black theme. Also loving the search button on the bottom. Alot of phones now are 5.5 in and bigger so it's a pain when the search button is at the top. I really don't care about the theme or the redesign and I'm more function over form but I have to admit that the theme and the app with animations looks really good.
  13. Download app cloner. You can do this very thing. Alot of people use it for YouTube since they have multiple accounts https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.applisto.appcloner
  14. Technically just the people in these forums would be considered a selected bunch
  15. Fantastic. Just in time for Oreo on my V20 hopefully 👍. Thanks Max