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  1. First off, I know this has been posted already. So I searched for the thread but can't find it. So I apologize for making a new one. Can we have an option to just go back to the main player UI after selecting the current track? Instead of restarting the song from the beginning. I know I can just press on the current track window to go back but it's way down to the bottom of the screen and my finger is just in the perfect spot to press the same song after swiping down to bring up the All Songs list. While I have to adjust the phone in my hand just to reach the bottom part of the scree
  2. I voted for remaining library functions. It's probably my most used feature.
  3. I think cover art should never have anything obscuring it. I was actually surprised when I saw the new interface for the first time.
  4. I can't see the option to search in thread. Does Galaxy S6 support hi res output?
  5. Same here. Pressing X does not clear search bar. I also agree with the second point. Selecting the same song should take you back to the main player screen, instead of restarting the song. beta build 793 Full version
  6. Okay, I'm not completely sure if it's a coincidence or not. But if it is, it's a pretty big one. There's this thing that happens when I turn on bluetooth by tapping on the bluetooth icon on the notification bar. A window pops up listing paired and discoverable devices to connect with. This happens almost immediately after turning on bluetooth. But now, presumably after turning on the resume music after connecting bluetooth option, that window shows up after about ten seconds (edit: I timed it, 21 seconds!!) Which is really long compared to what was happening before. Now the bi
  7. Does that mean Poweramp doesn't have any control on it? It's Clash Royale, for the record.
  8. ^I'm sorry about that mess. I can't type my message below your quote for some reason. It's a Samsung Galaxy S6.
  9. I'm not sure what you mean but it usually goes like this: I open Poweramp to play music. And then I open a game, Clash Royale for example. And about one and a half second into the game's intro, the music volume gets so low I can barely hear it. After that it plays normally without any problem. Until I press the home button to minimize the app.
  10. Thanks. But what if those options are already unchecked yet it still lowers the music volume?
  11. Poweramp lowers music volume to a whisper for about a second when switching to and from a game. I just want the music to continue playing without a second of interruption after opening and closing a game. Is there any setting for this?
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