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  1. can help you, link below: _ DVC on--> EQ on--> vol A. _ DVC off--> EQ on--> Vol B. https://androview.wordpress.com/tag/volume-limit/
  2. You can on or off DVC, If you feel is better.
  3. You playing game while listening music (use Poweramp)???. Can SRC android do lower volume.
  4. If your file is 16bit-44.1khz, you can try setting: Hi-res output : wired headset/aux: on - Sample rate: 44.1khz - Buffersize : Small - No Equ/tone: check. RESAMPLER: - SoX. - 95.0% - Dither: None. ADVANCED TWEAKS: - DVC : uncheck - Volume levels : system default (16). - Smooth EQ/tone gain: uncheck EQ-TONE-LIMIT : off MISC - Use wakelock: check. - Keep service: uncheck.
  5. You can try to select sample rate in hi-res output. It can fix latency delay.
  6. Hi Andrewilley I have problems playing music with Poweramp v3 (703) on xperia z2. Poweramp has stuttering (lag) after I get the message from the chat app (messeging, viber, zalo ...). Cause due to Poweramp lost hi-res connection when receiving notifications from other applications. The solution is to disconnect and plug in the headset. Please be able to fix this.
  7. 703 is lag with xperia z2, when I turnoff display. 704 is auto change from hi-res ouput to opensl es ouput.
  8. I test sox resample with Headphone Fidelio X2 (support hi-res) You can try setup DVC off (in Advanced Tweaks).
  9. Yes, you are right. Because we don't have function "variable rate" in v3. If you want use output hi-res, upsample is soulution in this case.
  10. My device is Xperia Z2, support to max 96khz. I share only information about band pass in Sox to limit distortion. You can upsample to 192khz, If you want.
  11. setup resample with SoX from 44.1khz --> 96khz: sound smooth and clear. -SoX on - Resampler cutoff (band pass): 94.5% ~ cutoff 20,8khz (default 97% ~ cutoff 21.3khz and Sox recommend is 95 % ~ 20.9khz.)
  12. You check output sample rate and sample rate your file are same example: if your file is 44.1k, you check output is 44.1k.
  13. hi andrewilley, Thanks for your feedback, I have test again with fullsize headphone Roland. When I try upsampling with Sox, Sound is better with DVC off--> If We is upsampling, we shouldn't use double DVC. With me, sound is best with setup : no resampling, DVC off ( in audio/ Advanced Tweaks ), Normal buffer size.
  14. hi andrewilley, I can hear different between "DVC on" and "DVC off" ( in audio/ Avanced Tweaks): When I check DVC (on): sound warm and decrease a little high mid ( maybe 3-->4Khz.) But when I uncheck DVC(off): sound is extension and more high mid. when Hi-res output have DVC enable, Should I do check DVC (on) <=> double DVC? I hear sound is best with DVC on.
  15. I have a issue with file cue. When I play a file cue, the Poweramp is playing a song 8/11, but screen show only song 7/11( when I screen off at song 7/11)
  16. Thanks andrewilley. My file usually is 44k. I don't want any sample rate conversion, Because resampling 44k to 96k( or 48k) for more total bass and sound not natural.( I use Sox resample in Poweramp). The feature "variable rate" is best for this case. I will don't select to 96, if I play file 24 bit-96k Thanks
  17. Hi andrewwilley, When I choose sample rate 44.1khz (in output/ hi-res output/ wire-headset-AUX/), Do My file (16 bit -44.1khz) have resample to 48khz by SRC( android sample rate conversion)? My smartphone is Sony xperia Z2.
  18. 1. Sony Xperia Z2 2. Android 6.0.1 (stock rom) 3. The Xperia Z2 is same Xperia Z3 uses the Qualcomm WCD9320 audio decoder (internal DAC), which supports up to which support up to 24-bit/192kHz. Information from Sony: Z2 support Hi-Res: http://www.sonymobile.com/global-en/products/phones/xperia-z2/features/#sound Information internal DAC chip Qualcomm WCD9320 from here: http://www.xperiablog.net/2014/03/30/xperia-z2-disassembly-guide/ I have test my Xperia Z2 with v3. build 703, It play very good (sound is excellent with SoX Resampler: deep, clear, detail), but why do it show "No DVC" in Hi-Res Output. Because DVC is limit device of Sony to 24bit/96khz. audio_policy.conf
  19. My Sony Xperia Z2 (D6503) v6.0.1 works with V3. 703, but why do it not show "No DVC" in Hi-Res output?
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