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  1. First off, I know this has been posted already. So I searched for the thread but can't find it. So I apologize for making a new one. Can we have an option to just go back to the main player UI after selecting the current track? Instead of restarting the song from the beginning. I know I can just press on the current track window to go back but it's way down to the bottom of the screen and my finger is just in the perfect spot to press the same song after swiping down to bring up the All Songs list. While I have to adjust the phone in my hand just to reach the bottom part of the screen. Loving the new UI though. There are still parts I would like changed like the progress bar, for one. The old one was, in my opinion better. Since I can seek through the whole track much faster. A single tap vs. multiple swipes. That aside, I really prefer the new UI over the old one. And I hope you can keep listening to feedback to improve it.
  2. I think cover art should never have anything obscuring it. I was actually surprised when I saw the new interface for the first time.
  3. I can't see the option to search in thread. Does Galaxy S6 support hi res output?
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