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Audio Book files (.m4b) not found

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Hi guys,

I've been using Poweramp for more than 6 years now and I use it a lot, it's been on every Android phone I owned and on every ROM that I loaded it was one of the first apps to get installed.

Usually I'm just listening to .mp3 files, recently I got an Audiobook in .m4b format. I loaded it to my music folder, did a rescan with Poweramp however Poweramp didn't recognise the file and couldn't add it to the library.

When I open the file from a file explorer it plays in Poweramp, but (obviously) it loses the last position where I was listening each time.

I have tried a lot of ways to get Poweramp to recongize the file (unmount /mount SD (I have all my music on an external SD-card), delete app's data and cache, have it rebuild the index a few times,...) but I have not succeded :(. I even signed up to be a v3 tester hoping that it would work here, but I had no luck. Am I just doing something wrong or is the .m4b support not yet integrated into the library search routine? And if not will it be or do I have to use a different app for Audio books (I have now downloaded Smart Audio Book Player and there I can even select different chapters (something that would be cool for Poweramp as well))?

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Thanks for you reply. 

Well, it's playing the file it's just not adding the files to the library, so I was wondering if the not-adding-it-to-library was a bug or is something that just cannot be done.

Then it will be SABP for audio books.

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.m4b is yet another Apple proprietory format that allows you to set bookmarks. The fact it plays at all in Poweramp is probably due to the fact that it is in essence a m4a format which Poweramp supports. However, it will be unsupported from a library point of view, meaning it will not show up as it is not recognised.

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