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  1. Thanks for you reply. Well, it's playing the file it's just not adding the files to the library, so I was wondering if the not-adding-it-to-library was a bug or is something that just cannot be done. Then it will be SABP for audio books.
  2. Hi guys, I've been using Poweramp for more than 6 years now and I use it a lot, it's been on every Android phone I owned and on every ROM that I loaded it was one of the first apps to get installed. Usually I'm just listening to .mp3 files, recently I got an Audiobook in .m4b format. I loaded it to my music folder, did a rescan with Poweramp however Poweramp didn't recognise the file and couldn't add it to the library. When I open the file from a file explorer it plays in Poweramp, but (obviously) it loses the last position where I was listening each time. I have tried a lot of ways to get Poweramp to recongize the file (unmount /mount SD (I have all my music on an external SD-card), delete app's data and cache, have it rebuild the index a few times,...) but I have not succeded . I even signed up to be a v3 tester hoping that it would work here, but I had no luck. Am I just doing something wrong or is the .m4b support not yet integrated into the library search routine? And if not will it be or do I have to use a different app for Audio books (I have now downloaded Smart Audio Book Player and there I can even select different chapters (something that would be cool for Poweramp as well))?
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