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  1. @Osiris and it may start working tomorrow. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. @Osiris the behaviors you describe have been reported by others, myself included. It has been maddeningly inconsistent.
  3. This has been a longstanding issue with cast support so far as I can tell. It's been mostly working for me lately, but I couldn't venture a guess as to why.
  4. @Makale_Helvetia On your web search are you logged into the same Google account as on your phone?
  5. This sounds like the same behavior I've had with YT Music. It almost seems like an Assistant problem.
  6. @maxmp I've made the change, I'll report back later.
  7. There goes that idea. I'm using flac. Same files working fine on other apps such as Musicolet and Jetaudio+.
  8. @Gary Quiring it is frustratingly inconsistent. I've been having mostly success lately, but I will still get some stuttering, and it sometimes requires a few attempts to make it start at all. Out of curiosity, what format audio files are you playing?
  9. I hope this does get added. In my extremely limited testing, Poweramp EQ seems to be more consistent than wavelet, and wavelet seems to have a newish bug that causes it not to say what apps are using it.
  10. @MikeRD03 oddly enough, it's been working a lot better for me since I posted this. My Slate still doesn't work, though TBH I don't know that I've really ever tried casting from Android apps on it.
  11. Since this thread has been resurrected, I'll just use this one to post rather than start a new one. I am having difficulty getting Poweramp to work with chromecast. Currently, I am on version build-893-arm64-play, but the same problems existed on the last release (not beta.) Basically, when I try to cast from my phone (Pixel 5) to any Chromecast device, from speaker to TV, it is inconsistent at best. It always makes the connection, but doesn't always actually play. When it doesn't play, I'll see the app increment the track a second or two and then stop, and the visualizer moves a li
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