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  1. AutoEQ import is working. Thanks!👍🏻
  2. You are correct. It gets a little worse with YouTube Music. Uploaded tracks can't be downloaded as mp3, unlike how Play Music did. As with their streaming music, these are only for use in the YTM app. To get your files back, you have to use takeout.
  3. If I'm understanding you right, this feature is there. Long tap on a preset and tap assign. You can select the devices you want for that preset.
  4. @Osiris and it may start working tomorrow. 🤷🏻‍♂️
  5. @Osiris the behaviors you describe have been reported by others, myself included. It has been maddeningly inconsistent.
  6. This has been a longstanding issue with cast support so far as I can tell. It's been mostly working for me lately, but I couldn't venture a guess as to why.
  7. @Makale_Helvetia On your web search are you logged into the same Google account as on your phone?
  8. This sounds like the same behavior I've had with YT Music. It almost seems like an Assistant problem.
  9. @maxmp I've made the change, I'll report back later.
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