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  1. Hi, thanks for this - I don't know why I couldn't find it. When it says "system is reset" - does that mean a reboot of the phone? So therefore, it will check with each reboot of the phone? It's the only reason why it must have happened to me. This is helpful to know. This makes me weary of ever rebooting the phone on a long flight since it might disable itself without warning. Poweramp Unlocker:- for Play purchase license is checked via Internet in first 24 hours after Unlocker installation and Poweramp next start, and if the Google Play Store check is successful, then it's ne
  2. I haven't been able to find an answer to this, so apologies if this has been addressed. Why does Poweramp need to verify my purchase through Google Play License Verification when I already have the Poweramp Unlocker installed? I found this out in a very unfortunate way and it disturbed me tremendously. I was in the middle of a trans-atlantic flight while listening to Poweramp when suddenly the music stopped and I received a pop-up message that Poweramp was not able to verify the purchase through Google Play License Verification/APM. I am sure this happened because I was in the air at 3
  3. I too also bought into PA for the audio and app, and not necessarily for the artwork, so it's not a HUGE deal, but indeed the visuals make it nice - especially with the way the entire panel is matched with the artwork. One area that this does hurt though is when I look through my albums as I am used to looking at the graphic and I scroll through them which you can't do anymore. But no worries - hope it's fixed soon. If I get the sudden urge for the album art, I'll load the Samsung music player and use that for a little bit. lol
  4. Hi, I wanted to add my two cents in - I just upgraded to the Galaxy S7e as well and no longer have any album art. All my album art is embedded in the tags so there is no downloading - I don't download album art. My last phone was a Galaxy S6e where it works fine (Lollipop, not Marshmallow). On my GS7e, I have Android 6.0.1 and am running Poweramp build 584. The Samsung Music Player shows the album art fine. Just wanted to throw my hat in the ring.
  5. I recall this being something that was being worked on a while back but never heard of it again. Is this something that is still being considered? Thanks!
  6. Hi there, Song lyrics no longer seem to appear completely anymore when lyrics are embedded in the tags of my mp3s. When I go to "lyrics" while a song is playing, it would show me like about 5-6 lines of lyrics, and then an elipsis as the last line - but there is nothing I can do to make it show me the rest of the lyrics. No scrolling or tapping anywhere will work. It used to show me all the lyrics and much more than just a few lines and then I can touch scroll up and down. But now, no longer. I don't know when this started happening unfortunately but the last time I saw it work properly
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