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  1. Poweramp 790: With Hi-res NoEQ option selected you can easily activate some options in EQ and sound changes immediately.
  2. Unfortunately, i didn`t like the brand-new v3 beta-preview-build-790 on my Sony Xperia Z2 (Android 6.0). The previous build 703 was awesome: minimalistic GUI, detailed audio processing info and the main - great sound quality with SONY Hi-Res Output - 24 bit/48kHz SoX Resampler 95% Cutoff DVC No EQ. But now, it seems like the option No EQ doesn`t work properly on my device: sound is very bass busting with lack of details. I know that sound engine is the same for 703 and 790 builds. I don`t know why it is but when I downgrade to 703 it sounds much better. Maybe there are some compatibility issues with Android 6.0 and 790 build. I hope next builds will be better. Anyway thanks a lot for development of Poweramp.
  3. Hello there! I`ve made review (or manual) - how to tune Poweramp v.3 for better sound quality. I explain the output, resampler, sample rate and dither options. Read review - How to tune Poweramp v3 for better sound Hope it will help you.
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