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  1. Hi, So last night my SD card randomly corrupted. I was forced to format it and then replace all the files that were on it. However, after the format the "name" of the SD card seems to have changed from "6565-3164" to "632D-4097." As such, all the tracks on my playlists are greyed out and unplayable. Is there anyway to save my playlists or rename my sdcard? All other pathways are identical to what they were before. All help would be seriously appreciated.
  2. Thanks for your reply. But that's not what's happening. All of the tracks already have embedded album art which differs from track to track within the same album. For some reason on this one album all the album art is the same, as opposed to the art I have specifically embedded to each track.
  3. Hey everyone. So I have a number of tracks grouped by artist in the same albums each with different album art. For example, I'll have an album called Pryda Tracks with various releases from Pryda, each with their own album art. I must have accidentally hit "embed album art" at some point, and now all the tracks in the "album" have the same album art regardless of what I do. I've tried deleting the album art cache, ive tried deleting the folder with the album, doing a full rescan, and then re-adding the folder. Regardless of what I do, all I get is the one album art for the whole album. This is driving me insane. I tried changing the artist tag.. and this seemed to work.. but when I changed it back to the proper artist name it went back to the one album art. Ive even tried clearing the Android data cache for Poweramp. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Any chance of a full rescan with the original SD bringing the playlists back?
  5. I left the phone on, unmounted the old SD and put the new one in. Then went in to Poweramp. When I saw the playlists were all set to 0 tracks I switched back to the old SD. But the playlists never came back. I forgot to export them (well I didn't think I needed to when switching SDs and keeping all the file paths the same). There was no system upgrade or anything like that. Please tell me there's something I can do. Months of work will be gone down the drain and I will never be able to recreate what I had. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Edit: I was not given any sort of prompt.
  6. Running power amp on Android 6.0. Recently bought a new SD card. Copied all my music without changing the path to my new SD. Unmounted the old one. Put the new one in. All my playlists were set to 0. So I unmounted the new one and put the old one back in and they're still all set to 0. Please please help. I have 85 playlists I've been working on for months, if they're gone forever I will be crushed. Thank you. Edit: all my music is showing up in my library but playlists are all 0 tracks unless I readd to them.
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