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  1. Years leading to tracks, that's my preference. Perhaps have an option to view the Years page either by tracks or album, just an idea.
  2. I did see these options. But no, I meant as I first said above. In the main 'Library' area (All Songs, Albums, Artists ..... etc) to have another 'coloured circle' with 'Year'. This would then bring up a similar look to either the Artists or Albums page but all songs (tracks) would be organized in whatever their 'Year' tag is set too. Blackplayer added a similr option a few months back and I found it useful to shuffle play my collection based on the tracks year. Ive added an attachment to show how Blackplayer integrates this. Hope this clarifies my request a bit better!
  3. At times I like to random play my music based on 'Year' and I think this would be a good addition to the List Options already available in the Library. Blackplayer has added this latley as well and I find it useful.
  4. Thankyou for your reply. My collection consists of just the songs (hits) that i like and most of the time there are only very few songs per Artist, I dont really collect full albums, so when browsing my collection I much prefer to use the 'All Songs' library sorted by the Artist, then I can see my full collection as 1 big list and scroll down and see the songs grouped together in Artist order. Browsing by Artist just shows the number of songs each artist has, then i have to drill into each seperately, not really for me. Is it possible to add the 1 extra sorting option "By Artist" to "All Songs : List Options".....?
  5. I am new to using Poweramp. I would like to sort "Library : All Songs" by Artist. I dont see this option available under the List Options for All Songs. Am i missing something or is this option just not available? Thanks, Nic.
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