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  1. I tried music apps with 1star on play store and even those apps has Now/Current playing(list), I am glad to see that I m not the only person who wants " Nowplaying list" in Poweramp . 😀
  2. @andrewilley I knew all those playlist/queue features and what I can do.. Now I have a lot to Explain but it will waste both of our time.i don't know if u r dev or just fan like me (didn't check your profile) .. if explaining to you make any feature addition or change I will suggest you to Check an app Called "Musicolet" in playstore its prime feature is creating more then one queues/list..
  3. Hello .. the basic option of being able to check and rearrange the Now playing list is missing from Poweramp . What I am trying to explain is , apart from Queue /all song /Playlists there should be a Now Playing List where I can rearrange the track order (not Library ) like in basic music players I can add tracks in that Now Playing List (not like adding in separate queue ). In my opinion The available Option of queue is useless it is like temporary playlist total waste . Now playing list will be much better.
  4. @maxmp Thank you for giving your kind attention 🙏😀.Yes one background image everywhere ... It looks great in library and in play now screen it hides behind the album art (it's dark in bottom and middle).. please consider this feature (ideal for amoled devices) Thank you
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