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Erases songs from lists by itself

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When i create lists they are just fine, but after a few days the program erases songs from those lists by itself, so i have to create the lists again, this happens over and over again.

I have a htc one m8.

Android. 5.0.1

Poweramp aplha build 703 play

Im not extracting the sd card. not pugging the phone to the pc. accually not doing nothing at all. the same music. all the same. this shouldnt happen. 

When i create the list i put in the name the number of tracks it has, so i can know if the list is just as i created. for example in the image the first list has changed by itself, 40 songs erased. how? no idea.

the second list is just fine. for now.



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For some reason the automatic scanner must be 'missing' some songs during a scan, and if that happens PA will assume they have been deleted and will be removed from the Library and thus any playlists too. The next pass might find them again, and put them back in the Library, but once removed from a playlist they are permanently gone from that list.

It might be worth reformatting your SD Card and then copying all your music back again (but do this with the phone turned OFF the whole time, otherwise PA will wipe everything from your playlists when it finds the whole SD Card missing for a period).

The other solution would be to use file-based playlists (e.g. export to M3U files) which do not get changed if files disappear/reappear during a scan.


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