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Is there any way to make Poweramp pause between tracks in a playlist (by default - not by pressing pause) rather than moving on automatically to the next track.

I need to use it for funerals and weddings and the tracks should not play straight after each other.


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While not a real solution, there are some clunky workaround methods using Playlists that could achieve this end by the way.

For example if you had five songs that you need to play in order but without continuing to the next track automatically, put each track in its own temporary one-song playlist, calling them (for example) Playlist1, Playlist2, Playlist3, Playlist4 and Playlist5. Then if you turn Repeat Mode to Off you could play the first playlist and it would stop at the end, then press Next and Play to play the following song, etc.

As I said, rather clunky and laboured, but it would do what you need for fairly short selections such as weddings and funerals. And you could put several songs into one list if you wanted a longer selection to play at some point (for example for processionals, pre-ceremony background music, etc).


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Thanks for your reply. But I have many short mp3 files, It is troublesome to create playlist for every files.  I often improve my foreign language leaning using this function.  just now I download a app name musicfolderplay which can pause between track. But I like more Poweramp. I hope that it can support the single play mode in the future.

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Why not just create a small mp3 of silence and then build a playlist where the silence mp3 is put between your tracks. A silence track of 1 or 2 seconds should be fine. This should be plenty of time to hit pause or whatever.

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