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I have emailed the developer about this, but I think they got the wrong idea. I have several bluetooth devices, but there is only one bluetooth profile in Poweramp! It would be nice to be able to set an equaliser setting for more than one bluetooth device, because at present any bluetooth device you connect uses the same profile/preset. What is good for a small pair of headphones sounds terrible on a bluetooth external speaker set up, just a thought...... 

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An if-this-then-that capability in Poweramp would be awesome, convenient and it would differentiate Poweramp from the rest of the music apps.


Here is a usage expamle:

If bluetooth headphones are connected, then

   set Poweramp equalizer to "rock" &

   set Poweramp playlist = "Gym"

If bluetooth for the car connects, then

    set Poweramp equalizer = "flat' &

    set Poweramp playlist = "All"


What I'm suggesting is what I've seen several other requests refer to as creating different bluetooth profiles for different devices. 



Is there a way to pass equalizer and playlist settings to Poweramp from an existing if-this-then-that app? 


I use AutomateIt and Elixir's E-Robot for various things.   For instance, E-Robot lauches Poweramp when connected to the car or headphone bluetooth.  E-robot does have an option to pass parameters to an app it launches.  If the developers could provide the parameters to use, then something like E-robot could substitute for a profile feature in Poweramp.

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