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Erratic behavior to display embedded art

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I submitted this bug using the Google Forms, but given the scarcity of the fields, I'm re-posting here with more details, in hope someone with the same issue has some clues.


So I have this album with plenty of different art for most of the songs, and very strangely PA does not want to display the album art it is supposed to.


Here's an idea of the different art for each song for the first part of the album:



Note that the behavior I will describe here is mostly only on this album, I can't recall having seen it on other albums with similarly embedded art for each song (but not 100% sure about that, it's been a very long time I have noticed this issue and am only reporting it now).


My Poweramp settings as regards the art display are these:



What may be of interest or peculiar about my setting is:

1) Many of my ID3 tags content are using UNICODE (Japanese)

2) The album content itself is split among two folders (CD1 and CD2), but all the mp3 files in both folders share the same album name. Interestingly when it comes to pick a random picture, PA takes it in either of the folders indistinctly.

3) The embedded art files are using either jpeg OR png (this actually cause a side effect with VLC player)

4) Running PA 2.0.9 build 555 on CyanoGen Mod 11 (Kitkat 4.4), Samsung Galaxy S3


As for the actual behavior, here it is:


Say I want to play the first song on the album:



Then if I tap the song name to have it displayed in full screen, I have the wrong art. The art displayed above comes from an other song actually in folder CD2 while this song is in folder CD1. I don't have any jpeg file roaming in my mp3 folders so I have no idea why PA has been choosing this art rather than the one for the first song of the album.


Now, if I press my android screen for a few sec, the PA UI provides me with the art selection pop-up:




And the "530x530 Embed Album Art" is the correct picture ! This means that PA is properly reading the ID3 tag content but for an unknown reason display an other one. The other pictures below are coming from the Internet and are NOT in my mp3 files or folders (despite me not having selected the "download art" option). Don't be fooled by the picture down on the right of this screenshot above, it is NOT the one used by PA initially, it comes from the Internet (I can tell because not same cropping and size).


Now the weirdness goes on if I select the proper picture (the one labeled "530x530 Embed Album Art" above), then this picture will be used for all the other songs on this album instead of the one arbitrarily chosen by PA first, and each time I chose a picture this way, PA will ignore the songs embedded pictures and instead use it (at this point, it *may* be a feature I'm not sure).


But this is not all, there are a few songs in the album not behaving this way !! These 5 songs share a common property: the Artist ID3 tag is "GUMI" instead of "初音ミク" (Miku Hatsune). This is why I suspect that whatever this bug is, there is maybe something to do with UNICODE, though I tried with other albums having a mix of artist names using Latin and UNICODE character sets without this issue...


If anyone wants to fiddle with this issue or need some songs with UNICODE tags, I put the whole CD1 folder shown above available for download here: http://goo.gl/IeJ0Dr

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Thanks for the detailed description of your issue.

Embed album art is always used (no matter other tags, encodings, etc.), unless:

- it's too small or too large (not your case)

- Album Art /Prefer downloaded album art option is enabled (may be yours)

- there is already some album art previously manually selected (may be your case as well).

You can reset all previously manually selected album arts by deleting <your main storage>/Android/data/_com.maxmpz.audioplayer/selected_aa folder.


Let me know if it helps.


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