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  1. Hello all, Having this storage issue for a few days now, did not notice if there was a recent update on Poweramp... I can access the folder fine with other apps and listen to them, only Power Amp display this "storage unmounted" error. A full rescan did not work. I tried to uninstall but I'm not that surprized it does not work either: Power Amp can't forget the settigns, I even removed the full license app but to no avail. When I resinstall Power Amp shows me imediatelly the last song I tried to play with the dreaded error message. Is there a way to properly clean-up P
  2. I submitted this bug using the Google Forms, but given the scarcity of the fields, I'm re-posting here with more details, in hope someone with the same issue has some clues. So I have this album with plenty of different art for most of the songs, and very strangely PA does not want to display the album art it is supposed to. Here's an idea of the different art for each song for the first part of the album: Note that the behavior I will describe here is mostly only on this album, I can't recall having seen it on other albums with similarly embedded art for each song (but not 100% sure ab
  3. Still at this step, carefully embedding everything I can and then noticing that some players are not handling properly ID3v2 tagging .... That presumably includes PA with which I have presently an issue.
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