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Beta build-311 changelog


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Beta build-311 is currently under semi-closed testing, this version with the minimal changes will be available as update on Market (and PowerAMP site) around 31 January.


- hierarchiсal Folders view (like in file managers), Flat/Hierarchy can be switched in FOLDERS

- dynamic play queue. Both Folder and Library files can be enqueued. PowerAMP will return back to previously played list when queue is complete

- custom equalizer presets

- any equalizer preset now can be assigned to the specific song or to one of the outputs: speaker, wired headset or bluetooth headset

- sleep timer

- album art selection. Long press on album art in main PowerAMP Screen opens dialog with alternative album art images

- new Black Neon skin, good for AMOLEDs

- new DELete DUPlicates action for playlists

- better mp4/wmav1/v2/ogg support on devices without NEON (like HTC Hero/Wildfire)

- better wma pro support, amr support, better wav support

- flac 24bit/96khz support

- support for wma album art

- improved lock screen compatibility with secure/pin lock screens

- audio-focus Android 2.2 API support, PowerAMP now pauses itself if voice search is in progress

- support for non-rectangular album-art

- alternative album art scaling option for 4x4 widget

- option to keep PowerAMP service

- option to limit Eq bands to 6dB

- option to enlarge audio buffer size

Bug fixes:

- various bug and stability fixes

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Any chance on assisting with Beta Testing?

Some info that will help you gage how I might be useful:

I'm a Computer Tech and part time audio engineer. (currently recording my own bands album).

I've got a Galaxy S with Froyo 2.2.1, SuperCurio's Audio Drivers supporting 128x oversampling and a pair of Ultimate Ears Triple fi 10 Pros.

I use the Eq for assisting in mastering. and use Very high bitrate WMA's

the rest of my collection is a combination of lot's of formats. Ogg, Flac MP3 WMA APE etc..

If not for this release, then remember me for the next Beta. images/icons/smile/mrgreen.gif

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