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  1. Hi everyone. I have been checking out other android music players in the market and noticed some Poweramp users switched to mixzing becus of sound quality issue.(according to the user comments) honestly, i ve tried mixzing myself but couldnt tell much difference. Maybe mixzing provides slightly better sound quality, but how is it possible? both Poweramp and mixzing have eq functions but what would make some ppl move from this app to that one with such aweful interface design?(strictly biased honest personal opinion btw.) So my question is, is there a way for A music player to enhence sound quality of the music output without using eq function?? Maybe bunch of presets or auto-adjusting function would do the job? But then it sounded like they were referring to the actual ability of the music player to extract sound more effectively. (Just like cowon mp3 player can produce far better sound quality than iriver or ipod) so it would be much appreciated if someone can tell me the factors that contribute to the android phone music player's ability to improve the actual sound quality. P.s: not trying to diss other apps. i just want to know what they r claiming is viable.
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    I agree with crimper with max being one of most spportive app. providers; i've noticed how hospitable max has been to his app. users which i appreciate wholeheartedly. Ive got some posts without a reply from him too which i understand. im sure he is doing best he can to provide the best service to the users and i dont wish to sound nagging. ill just wait patiently until the improvement is made.(though i am itching to ask whether localization for korean language is making any progress... )
  3. Hi! Just one more function i would like to see in your app. to make this already far superior app. near perfect. Would it be too much trouble adding a button in the library or folder window that enables search with keywords? This function would be very useful when i search for a particular song that i need at the moment without having to rummage thru nearly thousand songs in my music folders/libraries Thank you!
  4. Oh ya! Only one day left until the beta release. Can hardly wait. *drumrolls..
  5. Hi! You've nailed the problems that have been bugging me all this time with your latest update! My player no longer resets the music whenever it is paused!! Nor does it ignore all the folders that I have in the SD card and reads/list them properly without fail so I can now enjoy my music through folder option! but I was wondering, how do I make folder playlist?? I imported my music playlist through synchronization with my itunes music playlist or the playlist created through the default music player on the phone. Maybe I need a different music player like itunes on the pc or something? Please tell me how it is done. Moreover, would it be possible to Koreanize this program like I mentioned on my other post and perhaps provide a forum where korean users can get help and share instructions? There are many comments in the Market board and most of them are about some of the malfunctioning of the application or people having hard time maneuvering the program because they cannot read english. Some of other users and I have tried to help them by posting things on the comment section, but there is word limit so I can never give thorough instruction. Providing instructions and the interface in Korean would be suffice to solve most of these issues though... I just want to let you know that many korean users acclaim your product, and I see about 4516 people have downloaded your full version. Koreanizing option should be well considered. If you gonna need to find a korean translator, I could give you hand as my appreciation for your app. is genuine. You can send me an email if you want to discuss about this further. There is no denying that your product is the best music player out there so far. I can sense that you really thought out of the app that you made, putting the best effort to provide us with most functional solution possible. I really think highly of all the considerations you have put when designing this player and that is proven and felt by many customers, including myself, who cannot help buying this player. So thank you for fixing all the problems that have been bugging me up to now, and again, keep up the good work!!
  6. Thank you. It seems like my other settings are unaffected by this symptom. my eqalizer setting always stays the same. its just the music resume feature that is suffering. also, the player wants to show me folders rather than the playlist, so whenever i go back to the player, it shows the folder buttons on both sides.
  7. Thank you for your reply. could you then please tell me what should be done to prevent this from happening? I uninstalled my task manager because you said something is shutting down the proggy which doesnt solve the problem. i upgraded my phone wt froyo updates would that have anything to do with this :shock: problem? My phone didnt cause that much of problems until i started using htcsync. please help me fix this problem its driving me nuts! now it has gotten worse it would shut down the prog. rescanning wouldnt help anymore.
  8. Hi! Sorry for asking so many questions...but I ran into a problem now that every time my phone goes to sleep, the program would shut down and when I try to get back to the music which got cut off because I had to pause the music for whatever the reason, it is no long under the "pause" mode, it is now gone and the screen is blank... which means I have to rummage through the playlists (this can be bothersome if you have about 6GB worth of music files..) to get back to the song that got interrupted... I got pissed off many times because of this, but then I found a way around of it, just simply rescaning the folders in the setting revived the song that I once had been listening to.. Now, this brought me to another question... I was wondering, is there any way to resume the music that was paused, just like an mp3 player?? Or the default player that comes with HTC DESIRE allowed me to resume whatever the music i was listening to even after a day or two... maybe the mechanism isnt the same, but this would really save me the trouble rescanning my folders every time my phone goes to sleep...if there is no such function, is it possible to add one in your future release? Thanx!
  9. Hi. Though I am very happy with your product, it would be great if you can improve the sound for this player, especially the master volume. I want to get one of the high-end earphones (audio technica ATH-CM7-TI or anything along the line...) to get the profound/rich sound and I find your master volume is still not loud enough.. Also, there have been a number of comments about the sound being one of the weakness of your product (posted on the android market board by the korean users). Plus, eventhough your equalizer function is sophisticated enough to provide wide range of presets, it would be great to improve the sound quality of the raw music output itself if that is not too much trouble. I am well aware that you cannot provide everything, howevever, most people here use this prog. as a substitute for their mp3 player(myself for example), so enhancement in terms of the sound quality should be placed as one of the top-priorities for your upcoming updates... I know this is not an mp3 player, (maybe I'm being greedy) so you probably cannot get the same level of quality, but still, I am just expressing my humble opinion...hoping one day, my phone can truly replace mp3 player... Thank you for your hard work.
  10. Thanx. Though I don't think I want to try that reformatting the sd card method... my playlists turned blank when I restarted my phone the other day...it was too much trouble retrieving my playlists afterwards. I'll just wait for your next update hoping this bug would be fixed by then.
  11. What may happen to the trial version would be entirely up to the programmer and i am pretty sure he sells the unlocker for a reason...if you really appreciate what this player has to offer, then you would do what did..by the way, decent music player is pretty hard to find for android..as you may already know..:/ im willing to contribute five bux if that would lead to the improvement of this handy proggy....
  12. Hi. I just purchased your item after reading your comment. I really like your app. but I am not quite sure how to take a full advantage of your folder function... I read your instruction, but I am still not quite sure how it works. I am currently relying on the playlist function to organize my playlists, but I would like to learn how to play from the folders directly like the mort player. Ok. This is what I tried... When I press the (folders) button, it takes me to the folders menu, it displays as "showing 0 folders" so I click on the (select folders)which gives me a pop up. On the pop-up, I select the music folders where I store my music and then click ok, nothing happens. So I press rescan folders, it just scans all the music that I have in those folders. After seeing a pop-up saying "scan finished" I press the back button to go back to the "folders" window with nothing listed on it. still saying 0 folders...Then I go to the setting to nibble on some of the options there, primarily the "folders" option. I go to the "advanced folders option" and press this and that, still i don't see anything listed on the "folders" window....Then I change my gear and check out the "folders playlists" and there's nothing in it...I am sorry if everyone else got this and maybe I am the only idiot who's struggling, but I really don't understand how it works... I made my "music" playlists from the default player that comes with HTC Desire and the ITUNES (sync. with my computer) but I don't know how to create "folder playlists" from the Poweramp. If such function is not included in the program, it would be very helpful to have such function added to your future release. Being able to freely create and edit music playlists directly from the phone would be so sweet...... This inability to spontaneously manipulate playlist on the phone was major pain in the arse...nal when I first tried to get used to the music players from this phone. I installed and uninstalled many apps, looking for a player that allows me free manipulation of playlist like my dear itunes... (maybe I should have gotten iphone instead...) To recap, I need some idiot-proof instruction on how to use the folder playlist function /and/ hopefully in your future release, I would have more control over the playlist. Thanx.
  13. Hi. I'm currently using your trial version and this is the best music player in the market (far better than any other music players such as mixzing which should be your competitor...) and I am this close to purchase the pro version except there are some issues that need some feedback.. I purposefully registered here to ask you two specific questions because depending on the answer, I may decide to purchase this player this very instance. Q1. I am concerned about what might happen to the paid apps when I reformat the phone and reinstall all my apps. This would be the first and the only app. that I would ever buy for my phone as I want to use it as a substitute for my mp3(no room for any other activities!) Please explain the procedure that takes place when reinstalling of the pro version ever becomes necessary. Would I need to purchase it again? Q2. I feel awfully nervous about using credit card on my phone as I have very little or no knowledge about the mechanism of such function on the phone and there is no telling how my personal information can leak out during the transaction. I mean, when I use my computer to pay for online purchase, there is a usb to plug in and there are other extra preventive measures that I can count on to protect my personal information. Maybe I shouldn't be asking this here but seriously, this is a big deal for me and I keep pressing back button on my phone every time I feel like purchasing this app. because I cannot confirm this. Lastly, I was curious whether you are interested in releasing this app. in different languages. Your app. is getting positive feed backs here in South Korea, which is where I come from, and a lot of them are wondering whether this app. could be available in Korean. I don't know if you have a lot of South Korean customers purchasing your item, but it's just a thought. South Korea is a big market with lots of android phone users and if you koreanize this app. it would definitely attract more customers. Maybe the procedure is not as simple..but its just an idea... anyways, for now, I really need answers for those two questions.... Thank you and keep up the good work with your app. I really look forward to its progress.
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