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  1. Thanks for your reply. IMO, the third party streaming services are more important than playing downloaded or cached files. Seems like this feature has been in development for a long time. I've been using Google music b/c its there on my tab/PC/phone and I outgrew my phones storage a while ago. I really miss Poweramp and hope there is something to play with soon on this feature! Thanks again.
  2. I know, its just been a long time. Thought maybe you could get some info off an app that has already implemented it. On a side note - I've seen some people saying they use Poweramp to play pinned music from Google music. Any body know how to get the artist / album info to show up? Mine all just show up as unknown. Thanks
  3. http://www.whitestarlogic.com/mytunes.html This app is streaming from Google music and other cloud based sources. I'd buy powermp again if it could do this!!!!
  4. Not even a response on this? Have any admins viewed this?
  5. Any news on this? Did you ever get the Nexus 7? Are you saying we will be able to stream music straight from Google music thru Poweramp?
  6. Yes! I suggested this a few months ago. I thought I was the only person in the world who remembered the nitrogen player. That was an awesome feature. Would love to see it. Poweramp is awesome. Anything added at this point is just icing on the cake.
  7. There is an app in the market called plug in launcher that would fix your resume on charge state problem.
  8. Droid incredible, stock 2.2 (still no update!) I get force close when using the playlist shortcut from the home screen. Playlist seems to work fine if I open the player and navigate to playlist. I use launcherpro for my homescreen replacement. Beta is awesome. Really great work!
  9. Me too! I check this forum more times a day than I care to admit looking for that update!
  10. I agree with you. I would prefer to have whatever album/artist I select to play automatically clear the queue and add my selection. Then have the ability to add to that list. It works this way now, it just requires a couple of extra taps to make it happen. I like the way PlayerPro for Android handles it. I had suggested it a couple times when the queue feature was first added, and it didn't seem to bother anybody else. Can't wait for 2.0!!!
  11. Haddy - you seem to know quite a bit about skinning. I notice that Poweramp has sort of a glow next to the album art that glows the same color as the predominant color of the album art. I wonder, is it possible to make a skin for Poweramp (when the new version is released) that will use this same effect to change the text, seek bar, etc...of the skin to match the album art?
  12. Would it be possible to add an option that playing a selection automatically clears the queue, and adds the selection to the queue? Player Pro, Mixzing, and Winamp work in this way if you need to see it. It would be great to see it sneak into 2.0. Thanks for the great work!
  13. When all of the songs in the q r done they r all shaded, but they remain in the q. Sometimes I want to replay the q, but the only way I can find to do it is to clear the q, and re-q all the songs. Is there a way to refresh the q and play it again? It seems to work if I tap the first song in the q and let it play in order, but turning shuffle on goes back to shuffling all songs in the library instead of shuffling the q. Any. Thoughts??
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