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  1. getting too often of ''decoder timed out''
  2. same here,i cant activate it because i have APM response 500 NO MORE ACTIVATIONS LEFT
  3. Thanks for reply. It seems to be working fine.
  4. Since i dont use google account unlocker app cant verify my licence...APM response - no valid google accs Dev, can you somehow bypass lame google?
  5. on android 4.0.3 it runs not very well- app lags, cant start app sometimes, it force closes all the time
  6. hello How can I set EQ to any song? thanks
  7. thanks for reply it is not caused by any app, it is caused by bugged ROM :/
  8. Hello When I plug my headset into my htc desire it switch itself to vibration or to silent mod and when I remove headset it switches back any help? could it be a ROM related? thanks
  9. Hello I would like to buy this apk but im from slovakia and i have just Visa Electron. Can i buy this apk with my debit card? and your site says You will be granted 10 automated activations for the Google Account you purchase this license for. You may get more activations (in case of phone changes/OS updates, etc.) via support email. However, im a flashmaniac i often change ROMs(updating OS) in my htc desire (2-3 roms every week-but now im using one rom for 3 weeks). May I get more activations after changing rom? because 10 activations are not very much for me Edit: and when i buy this licens
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