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Is There A Way To Make Poweramp Ignore MP4 by Default?


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Greeting. Forgive me, I've tried to see if there were any previous topics posted for how to disengage Poweramp from playing MP4, and ws unable to find anything. Anyhow, I would like to ask if there is a way to stop the player from playing MP4 audio? These are nearly always associated with video files on my device and it's getting slightly irksome to have to rely on creating playlist to avoid playing them. Thank you for your time in reading and any input you provide. Charles

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37 minutes ago, crissdinesh said:

You can exclude Mp4 in Poweramp by navigating to settings > Folders and Library > Music Folders > Uncheck the folders that has Mp4 files.

Unnecessary (spam?) link removed. And the correct menu option for use in Poweramp v3 is Settings > Library > Music Folders.

However going back  to the original (over six years old!) post, there is now a better option to exclude video files from the scanning process anyway - Settings > Library > Ignore Video Tracks.


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