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  1. Ok I'll try and link one in my dropbox. Yeah the file size is big but they are definitely music files, not video files. They are primarily used for DJ controllers to be able to isolate the bass, vocals, drums etc for mixing while still containing a master track to be played by any normal music player. It's fairly new music format created by Native Instruments. https://www.dropbox.com/s/syz6wlqygt451s4/253_Opa_Locka.stem.mp4?dl=0
  2. The files are too big to upload... 50mb to 70mb
  3. Almost all my music is downloaded from Beatport in stem.mp4 format for use on my DJ controller and plays fine in all my other music players but Poweramp will not play these files. All my other formats like .wav and .aiff play perfectly fine in Poweramp. When I load up a stem.mp4 in Poweramp it will play for 1-2 seconds then skip back to the beginning, play 1-2 seconds and continue this loop/skip. A stem.mp4 should play exactly like a .mp4 as it contains a master track embedded in the file and the stock music player on my Galaxy S6 has no problems playing them but Poweramp won't
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