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package R does not exist


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I'm trying to build classicSkin from git sources.
Following the tutorial, I changed data in manifest and strings

Tried to build with simple typing ant and it compiles to jar file.
But when I try to compile with ant apkpush I got an error:

package R does not exist




building and cleaning project in Eclipse did not help

any suggestions? thanks

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Do you see 

-code-gen:     [echo] SKIN: Generating R.java / Manifest.java from the resources...

during build process? There should be R.java generated automatically, but it's not in default (empty) package, it's always in "your package name as specified in AndroidManifest.xml). Make sure to add appropriate import then.


For the github sources, it's generated into package com.maxmpz.poweramp.skins.classic.

InfoActivity is in the same package, but you may need to change it or import package com.maxmpz.poweramp.skins.classic



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