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Hi,i just wanted to ask a thing, about playlist support. I have a really big music library of converted m4a vbr files on my phone, and Poweramp is great managing a huge library. However I've tried to import a playlist based on a folder on my windows. I already have the same songs and albums on my phone in vbr quality.



The problem is i don't know what playlist formating to use. You see most of playlist types refer to the exact file & extension / path. The songs on my phone have a different extension, compared to the unconverted songs on my computer, which renders the playlist mostly empty. There is a "shareable" XSPF playlist format, but does Poweramp support it?



Thanks in advance, and Poweramp rocks! :)

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Yes, you could globally replace ".mp3" with ".m4a" in the M3U text file to change the references to point to your converted file types.


If the files are no longer in the same relative structure as they were on your other system, it'll be quite a job to edit the folder paths though, you'd have to do them almost one-by-one. Can you not put them all on your SD card, in the same folder structure as they were on the PC? Then replacing one base path (e.g. C:\Users\yourname\Music\) with another (/mnt/extSdCard/MusicFolders/) isn't too hard. Or even use relative paths (i.e. the path starting from the location of the playlist files, not hard-coded to the root of the file system)



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