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  1. Hi, thank you for developing an amazing app! It's a pure joy to make playlists on it and i have made so many that i want to backup to google drive or dropbox with its files but i can't since it is too tedious to do one song a time. I was wondering if you could allow multiple share the same way you allow multiple delete and multiple add to playlist? It should not be to hard to implement you could just copy that to the sharing function! I hope you see this and thank you in advance, i really need this!
  2. Would you consider adding support for the XSPF playlist format? Seems much easier
  3. and what makes it even more annoying is that the files are spread over the internal memory and sd card
  4. Thanks for your response! Does this work if the original file is called song.mp3 and the converted one is called song.m4a? And how do you make relative paths? God, i must sound like a newb
  5. Hi,i just wanted to ask a thing, about playlist support. I have a really big music library of converted m4a vbr files on my phone, and Poweramp is great managing a huge library. However I've tried to import a playlist based on a folder on my windows. I already have the same songs and albums on my phone in vbr quality. The problem is i don't know what playlist formating to use. You see most of playlist types refer to the exact file & extension / path. The songs on my phone have a different extension, compared to the unconverted songs on my computer, which renders the playlist mostly emp
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