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Poweramp keeps playing music while loud phone call

Lukasz Domagala

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While i'm driving a car im using mojietu roidmi 3s to play songs in my car (it doesn't have a mic). When someone is calling to me while i'm listening songs i have to switch phone call to the loud mode (idk what's the name of that in english) and the song keeps playing but not from the car speakers but from the main speaker from my phone, from where i should hear the other person who is calling me right now. I checked and tested every single Poweramp setting about phone calls but none of this works. To normally answer the phone i have to pause the song first then call back to that person, it starts to annoy me.

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That device is a Bluetooth=>FM converter/transmitter, so it's really only designed as an output method.

Worth checking the options in PA Settings=>Audio=>Audio Focus, and also try different output methods PA Settings=>Audio=>Output. There's also PA Settings=>Audio=>Advanced Tweaks> Force Speaker Off, but that is normally only useful for Hi-Res output, which would be pointless for your output device. 


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