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Feature Request: Disable "List Item Click Action" option


Disable Click action. Good idea?  

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  1. 1. Disable Click action. Good idea?

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Feature Request:

Add an extra option under "Settings/Folders and Library/Lists/LIst Item Click Action" that disables single click while browsing track titles.


Prevent accidental selection of a track.

Good for browsing while walking or on public transport, anywhere you might want to disable accidental selection of a song.

If hand your precious to someone else to choose a song they can't accidentally start a new song or add 50 songs to your Queue.

Proposed addition:

The "List Item Click Action" menu would gain a fourth option, the four options would be as follows,

:Play and go to Main UI

:Play and stay in the list

:Enqueue and stay in the list

:Disable Click action*

I think this is a natural addition to the "List Item Click Action" menu, all the options needed for a selected track are already present in the long click menu.

The option is buried in the settings so it doesn't require any changes to the main interface, if you don't go looking for it you wouldn't even notice the change.

I look forward to some feedback.

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