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  1. Feature Request: Add an extra option under "Settings/Folders and Library/Lists/LIst Item Click Action" that disables single click while browsing track titles. Reason: Prevent accidental selection of a track. Good for browsing while walking or on public transport, anywhere you might want to disable accidental selection of a song. If hand your precious to someone else to choose a song they can't accidentally start a new song or add 50 songs to your Queue. Proposed addition: The "List Item Click Action" menu would gain a fourth option, the four options would be as follows, :Play and go to Main UI :Play and stay in the list :Enqueue and stay in the list :Disable Click action* I think this is a natural addition to the "List Item Click Action" menu, all the options needed for a selected track are already present in the long click menu. The option is buried in the settings so it doesn't require any changes to the main interface, if you don't go looking for it you wouldn't even notice the change. I look forward to some feedback.
  2. Getting this problem as well since the last update. I use bluetooth, never a headset, the last track starts from the beginning when I reconnect. I also occasionally get the playlist unloaded as well (happened twice today). Running a custom Samsung based ICS ROM on a SGSII. I originally thought it was related to the ROM or kernal as I changed them around the same time as the last update but I thought I would check here as well. I will try keeping the service loaded when idle and see if that helps.
  3. I auto updated Poweramp yesterday and the existing 4X1 widget stopped working and had to be replaced. I enabled the track counter and I am now unable to remove it from the widget. All the widgets now have the track counter and I can't remove it. I can toggle it on and off in the main program screen but it remains on the widget. I have tried reinstalling the widget and reinstalling Poweramp. Does the toggle in Settings/Look and Feel/Show Track Counter work for the widget or am I missing the correct sub-menu?
  4. Could you consider adding an additional action to the "List Item Click Action" menu? I would like to see an option to bring up the long press menu by a single tap. This would prevent interrupting a playlist by accidentally tapping a song when browsing, you could choose to cancel the action or select one of the long press menu options. This would make passing around a phone at parties to let other people en-queue a song much easier, people in various stages of inebriation can't seem to help tapping a song by accident. Even sober people do it far too often. Cheers.
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