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Alternatives to "album art": show more metadata insteadl


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Most of my music doesn't have album art (in many cases, it's not possible to find it online, and anyway, I've never personally really cared much for that feature). What I do have is a lot of metadata.

So...there's a great big space taking up the majority of my "now playing" screen that just says "Poweramp".

My wish is for a setting that says:

Option 1: don't use album art :

- make the transport controls bigger

- show much more information about the track metadata (*)

- toggle to swap this metadata display with the current playlist (and position of current track within it.)

Option 2: if album art is on, but none can be found for this file, either:

- display a default picture (user can select one, or perhaps a nice "music icon" )

- display a random photo from gallery app.

(*) The current "info/tags" screen shows the sort of thing I mean, but it should be much better formatted so as to fit into the space available. Compared to the current Info/tags screen, I'd change this by:

moving the filename to the bottom (and much smaller), Hide the "album art: No embedded album art" section.

Thanks very much.

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Yes but:

1) You have to do this for each song one by one

2) Instead of dynamic info you have a dull static picture

I want to see the lyrics from the ID3 tag there

Or I want to see my playlist there and be able to scroll and play other songs from there

This is a huge central area, it sould be configurable what you want to do with it.

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