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  1. Many phones (such as my Galaxy S3) are designed to drive relatively small, light earbuds. They also tend to assume that the music has a style with a nearly-constant loudness. But, for larger headphones (or with less sensitive headphones), and for Classical/Jazz music, this doesn't work well - the music is either too quiet, or too distorted when the gain is turned up. However, there is a trick which would get far better performances out of the limited amplifier in the phone, namely bridged mono. 1. Process the signal as follows: left_output = (left_track + right_track) / sqrt(2) right_output = - left_output 2. re-wire the headphones as follows: left_ear in parallel with right_ear, connect to tip and ring, but ignore shield. The result will be a mono signal to both ears, but where the amplitude is doubled, and thus the power quadrupled. In practice, this will allow more headroom, and prevent distortion when the op-amps would otherwise saturate. I propose that Poweramp should: (a) support bridged mono - one more switch in the interface, and make R = - L rather than R = L in normal mono. ( document the headphone modification required. Thanks very much
  2. Most of my music doesn't have album art (in many cases, it's not possible to find it online, and anyway, I've never personally really cared much for that feature). What I do have is a lot of metadata. So...there's a great big space taking up the majority of my "now playing" screen that just says "Poweramp". My wish is for a setting that says: Option 1: don't use album art : - make the transport controls bigger - show much more information about the track metadata (*) - toggle to swap this metadata display with the current playlist (and position of current track within it.) Option 2: if album art is on, but none can be found for this file, either: - display a default picture (user can select one, or perhaps a nice "music icon" ) - display a random photo from gallery app. (*) The current "info/tags" screen shows the sort of thing I mean, but it should be much better formatted so as to fit into the space available. Compared to the current Info/tags screen, I'd change this by: moving the filename to the bottom (and much smaller), Hide the "album art: No embedded album art" section. Thanks very much.
  3. Yes, absolutely. It should have a few options for compression strength. Some examples: * Listening to (especially classical) music on an airplane: here it's desirable to absolutely crush the dynamic range - it may ruin the expression of the music, but it's the only way to compete with the background noise. * In a car via bluetooth: peak limiting is desirable. * Audio book on handset speaker, (eg while getting dressed, moving around the room). The track should have fairly little dynamic range anyway; we want to boost it to as loud as possible (even accepting higher distortion than we would for music)
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