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Expansion of the CUE File support

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A long time ago I was downloading mixes from the WEB in MP3 format (IIRC) and they came with CUE Files. Back then this was working super nicely in Poweramp. The big MP3 were splitted up in the interface according to the CUE file.

More recently, I couldn't make it work using a opus audio file and a handmade CUE file from a Youtube download (using yt-dlp)

The actual feature request would be to use the chapters definition dropped by yt-dlp like a CUE file, and to make it work on any kind of file.

I have joined an example info.json from yt-dlp. The chapters starts at line #6179 in this file.

Groovy Disco and R&B Mix at a New York Basement Party | Tinzo [4nvewes8Inc].info.json

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Given that this is not an officially supported or sanctioned YouTube feature, I think it would be up to you to arrange to build any matching CUE files if you download content that way. Not really something that's appropriate to discuss here though.


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