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  1. Perfect. Thank you andrewilley Thread can be closed
  2. Hi, Lockscreen widget currently displays: * Title * pause/play button * next song button * stop button I find very often a need to play previous song. Please consider adding "previous" button to non expanded lockscreen widged. Thanks
  3. @maxmp It casts for me now too, but with lots of intermittences (silent gaps, during which PA also seeks back few secs). No idea why.. Can we know how exactly casting works from PA to CCA (WIFI or does it go through internet)? What for is SSL certificate? UPDATE: intermittences were because of my 2g WIFI, switching to 5g solved it. But even in the past I had some rare intermittences, so would be interesting to know what could cause them
  4. True for Spotify. But other apps like HIFI Cast should behave the same was as PA - they should also act as a server, as they are streaming local content and a remote content like Spotify..
  5. a bit off topic, but: did CCA always need internet connection to google servers or was it introduced in past via firmware update? Can connection to google servers be disabled (aka offline mode enabled)?
  6. Have you updated Google Home App recently? Just trying to isolate the cause.
  7. - There were no changes done on my router or network. - No settings changed on phone (I sometimes use VPN and I am aware that it does not cast with VPN on). Might be only Google Home App updated (I have, don't know when it was updated). Google App itself is old version - Other apps like Hi Fi Cast are able to cast Chrome Cast Audio (not sure if router/network/phone can isolate only one specific app from casting and not the whole protocol) I suspect smth has changed on Google side, and addressed a bug/issue Power Amp was relying on.
  8. I have the same issue with older Google App P.S. I have latest Google Home App ( Can it be causing it?
  9. Hi, Same here: * I am able to click "cast" in Power Amp * Power Amp thinks it is casting (allows to click stop, to control volume) * But there is no "Ding" connection sound from Chrome Cast audio as usual, and no output from Chrome Cast Audio * After ~ 30-secs - 1 minute, Power Amp disconnects from Chrome Cast Audio, and Chrome Cast Audio makes a disconnection "Dong". This started happening this morning for me using older Power Amp version. Upgrading to latest Power Amp version (build 925 (925004-e493ac43)) did not help. Firmware of my Chrome Cast audio is 1.56.281627 (aka 2021 Dec 21 release - I am not sure when it was pushed to my Chrome Cast Audio (I suspect it was pushed overnight, before the failure)). Can anyone confirm that it worked for anyone with Chrome Cast Audio firmware 1.56.281627 earlier? I am curious if update for all of us reporting here was pushed yesterday. I am on Android 9. Chrome Cast Audio works itself - I am able to cast media from Google Home app.
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