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I have used 2 different vehicles with different radio's that have Android Auto, Both vehicles at the same with regards to the Poweramp data stream. 

When I first entered the vehicle. I can allow auto play to start Poweramp and it music list, auto play. That works fine when playing, however, The data to display music track title or time is not displayed.  To get the music information to display. I have to manually close Poweramp using the force close In the about App properties. Of course, this is very inconvenient.

 I have used the Android feature " Modes and Routines." To close the. Poweramp app, However, it cannot completely cause it to exit memory. It stays active in memory and after the app opens It continues to have the same data stream error. nothing will display on the vehicle screen accept the music will play.  

 If I want to see the data display of the music I must once again force close the app.

 This happens in Lexus and Nissan Altima... 

If no one has ever complained about this, I'm wonder why? I have this issue every day.

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I have a Samsung A54, new. Android 13, OUi 5.1. 

Note: I can start Poweramp version 971-976.. manually and have the same issue with music display. The music will play! But the Poweramp will not send the music data to display.  I also have Steering wheel control that will allow me to Next or Back, I can hold down the next or back button for more than 3 seconds and Poweramp will Fast forward through a song, or fast reverse.

The head unit in the nissan Altima Is the original factory radio. I believe the OS for this is an Android OS, But a proprietary version. The Altima is a 2021. The Head unit software is the latest version Firmware that Nissan recommends, At least to my last check.

The Lexus is a 2012, RX350. The head United's proprietary, is not Android, But reacts the same way. 

I have a Android phone, A54, Iand I do not think its the issue because, I had a Samsung A20, It did exactly the same thing with Poweramp. 

Just a quick reminder of what I said before., If I force stop the Powermp, using the app properties force stop, the data from Poweramp works every time. 



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