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  1. My Samsung Galaxy S4 phone just got upgraded to the Android OS 5.0.1, and I noticed that when I powerdown/up my device (which I do every night/morning), the pre-powerdown playlists and songs are not returned to, forcing me to manually set them every day, which has been pretty annoying. I also noticed this problem several years ago, but it got fixed by developers pretty quickly after it was reported. Please fix this problem asap. Thx!
  2. I would like this because I would like to have two+ 4x1 Playlist widgets on my phone's lockscreen and jump between the playlists easily. Would also like the new 4x1 Playlist Widget to additionally have the Shuffle and Repeat options on it (vs. the current 4x1 widget) that are set for each Playlist Widget added, and are changed independently of each other AND the main player's Shuffle and Repeat settings (can remove the album image for space to add the Shuffle and Repeat options). Thx.
  3. Typically, I turn my phone off at night, and then start it up in the morning. Unfortunately, the Poweramp 4x1 widget on my lock screen, and player, have not been returning to the last Playlist it was on, and instead constantly goes back to the "All Songs" list. Please have the Poweramp player remember the last Playlist it was on and return to it. Thx.
  4. You don't need to use the existing widget. You can create an additional 4x1 widget which doesn't have the left-side album image (if more space is needed). This way the 4x1 widget has all the important features, and is still small enough to put on my lock screen.
  5. This would be helpful to me because I mostly play audio files from my playlists.
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