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  1. Hi, Since a couple of week I have some issues with Bluetooth volume, when my one plus 5T is connected to my car stereo. I need the volume at max in order to have a decent volume compared to radio station. The problem is that since a couple of week the BT volume seems to reset to factory setting each time. It was working properly since I got my 5T in Nov 2017. Could it be an issues from last power amp update? Best regards
  2. Anynews? I had also some issues with V3. Some of my albums are now referenced as unknown artist. I found artist field empty, but album artist field is OK. I would be great if the app can copy automatically "album artist" to "artist" when there is not data. I always feel (I use Poweramp since my nexus S...) that global album edit function is missing. For exemple you have 2 albums of the same artist, but artist name was written slightly differently, you need to edit 1 song at the time... Same think if you want to rename an album. It's even more boring when you discover "unknown artist"
  3. I tried but it still play and pause non stop. The only way to make it work again is to switch off bluetooth, force close all apps, and relaunch bluetooth. Sometimes I even have to restart the phone...
  4. Hi,I have some issues with my Gateway Pro BT (bluetooth adapter) in my car. I use it with my Xperia Z5, and each time (or almost each time) it connects to the Gateway, the music restart but it pauses 2 seconds later, and this start/restart process never stops.I have to:- shutdown bluetooth on the phone + close all the app and restart bluetooth- or even restart the phone when the first solution is not enoughI tried to remove all potential restart option in both my phone and app , but I still encounter the same issue. I want to precise that: - Power Amp works perfect with my previous s
  5. Could someone give me the best solution to generate replay Gain tag to my library? I mainly listen to MP3 that I encoded myself from my CD collection thanks to CDex, but I don't know how to generate RG tags. I used MP3gain several years in the past, but i had the feeling that quality was damaged... I would like to avoid the extract again all my database
  6. Hi, I really appreciate Poweramp, I use it since I bought my nexus s... One of the feature I really like it's that Poweramp select the equalizer preset in regards of the active output. It's very convenient when you want an optimized equalization for your headphones, and a flat equalization for hi-fi home stereo or car stereo. I would really appreciate if tone would do the same, for the moment I activate tone each time I plugg my headphones, and I need to remember to deactivate it when I use Bluetooth in my car or home stereo. Anyway keep up the good w
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