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Bluetooth restrat pause / unpause / pause / unpause ....


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I have some issues with my Gateway Pro BT (bluetooth adapter) in my car. I use it with my Xperia Z5, and each time (or almost each time) it connects to the Gateway, the music restart but it pauses 2 seconds later, and this start/restart process never stops.

I have to:
- shutdown bluetooth on the phone + close all the app and restart bluetooth
- or even restart the phone when the first solution is not enough

I tried to remove all potential restart option in both my phone and app , but I still encounter the same issue.

I want to precise that:

- Power Amp works perfect with my previous sony audio system and philips BT adapter for my home HiFi system

- You Tube amp works fine with the Gateway when Poweramp get mad

- I wonder if it may be linked to games still running in background (star wars force collection or dragon ball dokkan battle), that works in fullscreen and force to play there own sound 

All help is welcomed.

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I tried but it still play and pause non stop.


The only way to make it work again is to switch off bluetooth, force close all apps, and relaunch bluetooth. Sometimes I even have to restart the phone...

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I had also some issues with V3. Some of my albums are now referenced as unknown artist. I found artist field empty, but album artist field is OK. I would be great if the app can copy automatically "album artist" to "artist" when there is not data.

I always feel (I use Poweramp since my nexus S...) that global album edit function is missing. For exemple you have 2 albums of the same artist, but artist name was written slightly differently, you need to edit 1 song at the time... Same think if you want to rename an album. It's even more boring when you discover "unknown artist" albums.

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