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Support for status bar lyrics

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My phone has the feature to display lyrics in status bar with the a specific app. I just found the app that works with Spotify and anghami (another music app famous in my country) but it doesn't work with Poweramp (I have the apk and it is in this google drive link). Is it possible to check the app out and see if it can be implemented in Poweramp?

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Unfortunately this app isn't on the play store but it is used by many many people in different communities I am in. So it would highly appreciated if support for it was added

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I am a poweramp user from China and I like the app very much.

Now I want to make a suggestion:

Some music (such as MP3 format) has lyrics embedded in Lyric or Lrc format. Why doesn't Poweramp support display?

Wish it could support displaying music with embedded lyrics.



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@NOKIA Assuming you are running a fairly recent version of Poweramp (build 948 or above) the various settings to control how lyrics are displayed are in PA Settings=>Look and Feel=>Lyrics. By default, you can either swipe up on the cover artwork area or tap on the Lyrics button:


If the embedded lyrics within your song file, or the contents of a separate LRC file, contain timecodes, the lyrics will be displayed in a scrolling layout as the music progresses (synced to the music) or otherwise you'll see a text display of the whole song which you can scroll through manually. 


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