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Suggestion for an Advanced Audio File Tagging Plugin with Comprehensive Editing

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Hello Poweramp Community,

I hope this message finds you all in good spirits. I'd like to contribute an idea that I believe could take Poweramp's capabilities to the next level. As an enthusiastic user of Poweramp and a devoted music lover, I've been thoroughly impressed by the app's features and customization options.

I want to express my appreciation for the incredible work done by the Poweramp team in creating a top-tier music player app. The level of personalization and functionality has transformed my music listening experience, especially considering my collection of over 2,000 MP3 files.

Following my initial email and the team's suggestion to discuss this idea on the forum, I felt this platform would be the ideal place to share my concept.

While Poweramp's proficiency in recognizing and displaying album cover artwork is commendable, I have been contemplating the potential for an advanced audio file tagging solution that could harness a similar technology. After further reflection, I believe that developing a plugin for Poweramp might be a more practical and integrated approach compared to a standalone app.

Here's my refined proposal: A plugin, available as a paid extension for the Poweramp music player, designed to provide an elevated audio file tagging experience. This plugin would leverage the existing innovative technology within Poweramp to automatically complete and refine missing metadata within audio files. It would be capable of intelligently identifying artist names, album titles, track numbers, and more, essentially revolutionizing how we manage and organize our music libraries.

Furthermore, I envision this plugin encompassing comprehensive editing features, allowing for the enhancement of the entire audio file. This holistic approach would ensure that when I transfer songs to my computer, the files would be impeccably named and the metadata correctly tagged. This seamless integration would result in a more efficient and streamlined experience for users like me who are dedicated to maintaining organized music collections.

As someone who is genuinely committed to supporting Poweramp, having invested in the Poweramp unlocker, I am more than willing to extend my support to this plugin if it were to be developed.

I am confident that the Poweramp team's expertise and dedication to delivering excellence could transform this vision into reality. The introduction of such a plugin would not only elevate the music experience for enthusiasts like myself but also underscore Poweramp's commitment to enhancing our musical journeys.

I want to express my gratitude for considering my suggestion. I eagerly anticipate any insights, thoughts, or feedback from both the community and the Poweramp team.

Warm regards

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