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Separate artist names

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So I'm trying to split the following artists:

Televisor x Clyde Hill 


and White space as separator ticked (W is white space)


Televisor x Clyde Hill turns into 2 artists but then:

"The Asteroids Galaxy Tour" gets separated as 2 artists:

"The Asteroids Gala" and "y Tour"

Is there anyhing I could do to prevent this besides putting "The Asteroids Galaxy Tour" on the "Do not separate artists" list?
I have a lot of artists on that list, and the list has a limit










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In cases where artists (or whoever dropped the metadata in the file in the first place) use an X in place of a comma, ampersand, etc., I instead use a different character than X from the alphabet.

Try the multiplicative × instead !

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When you type the 'x' into the Add Symbol box, type a whitespace either side of it ( □X□ ) and remember also tick the box to say you want to use whitespace as part of the split symbol.

And hope that no one names a band as Four-by-Four - "4 x 4"  :)


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On 7/18/2023 at 12:58 PM, andrewilley said:

When you type the 'x' into the Add Symbol box, type a whitespace either side of it ( □X□ )

I've been trying all week with and without the "(" and ")" (with the box ticked)
with the following combinations:




(where "" is a blank space) 

the only one that works is:


but then the artists:

"Dexter King", "Alex Farway" and so on gets separated into "De" and "ter King",  "Ale" and "Farway"

The "Do not separate artists" is full, so I can't put more artists names

Is there something that I am missing?

Is there any chance the list of "Do not separate artists" name limit can be expanded?


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@maxelo Well there's no need for half of those Unsplit Artist names in the first place, as of the ones visible in your screenshot only "W&W" and "AC/DC" could get misinterpreted based on your symbols list.

As to the "x" problem, I've just done some tests and there appears to be a bug in the "Whitespace as split symbol" code. The whitespace is correctly registered during the 'Add' process with the whitespace mode enabled, and the extra padding is displayed on the next screen. But when you tap 'Save', the extra padding gets lost.

@maxmp here's an extreme example in which I tried to pad out the letter "Y" with six white spaces either side, thus:

After tapping 'Add', the extra padding around the "Y" is still visible as expected:

However after Saving the list, when you look on the Scanner page the extra padding has been lost and the separator has reverted to the single character "Y":


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Oh I see, It was just bug, I was really trying like a million times the same combinations, even as to deleting the cache and data of the app 🤣

I hope it will get fixed soon ☺️

As a Spanish language user I will also use this replacements

and ➡️ y

(feat.  ➡️ (con 


Songtitle (feat. Artist2) 

Songtitle (con Artist2)

Thanks for your work

I love Poweramp since the start

It was the first play store  purchase on my first Android phone many many years ago 🤣



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2 hours ago, maxelo said:

is this bug patched on build 975?

Not as far as I can see, no. Trying to add a symbol with spaces on either side does not work. Even if you tick the option to keep whitespaces, as soon as you tap 'Save' the extra spaces are still trimmed.


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There is a definite use case for either allowing leading and trailing spaces to be stored in the Symbols section (it does work until you press the Save button, when they get trimmed) or to include an extra tickbox for "whole word only". For example, the letter "y" in Spanish means "and", but it is currently impossible to use that as a split symbol as it would also separate individual words that happen to contain the letter "y".


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