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  1. maxelo

    Album List - Sort by Album Artist

    any news on this request?
  2. Is there any plans to add the full date tag? like the "year-month-day" (2016-01-03) to sort music? and sorting by "album artist" tag? like the "Various Artists" tag to be able to navigate trough album compilations such as soundtracks albums with different artists?
  3. maxelo

    Multiple artist/genre tag support!

    any news on this future support?
  4. maxelo

    Poweramp Crowdin Translation Project

    Hi, I'm from Valdivia, Chile. I love your Poweramp, I've been using crowdin, to fix, update and make new translations of Poweramp for the es-ES translation (http://crowdin.net/project/Poweramp-player/es-ES) I hope you can update the app as soon as you can. Thanks for this great app.