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  1. thanks for your work @andrewilley and @maxmp 😃 I love this app ❤️
  2. is this bug patched on build 975?
  3. Oh I see, It was just bug, I was really trying like a million times the same combinations, even as to deleting the cache and data of the app 🤣 I hope it will get fixed soon ☺️ As a Spanish language user I will also use this replacements and ➡️ y (feat. ➡️ (con like: Songtitle (feat. Artist2) Songtitle (con Artist2) Thanks for your work I love Poweramp since the start It was the first play store purchase on my first Android phone many many years ago 🤣
  4. I've been trying all week with and without the "(" and ")" (with the box ticked) with the following combinations: (□x□) (□□x□□) □x□ □□x□□ (where "□" is a blank space) the only one that works is: □x□ but then the artists: "Dexter King", "Alex Farway" and so on gets separated into "De" and "ter King", "Ale" and "Farway" The "Do not separate artists" is full, so I can't put more artists names Is there something that I am missing? Is there any chance the list of "Do not separate artists" name limit can be expanded?
  5. So I'm trying to split the following artists: Televisor x Clyde Hill using: WxW and White space as separator ticked (W is white space) then: Televisor x Clyde Hill turns into 2 artists but then: "The Asteroids Galaxy Tour" gets separated as 2 artists: "The Asteroids Gala" and "y Tour" Is there anyhing I could do to prevent this besides putting "The Asteroids Galaxy Tour" on the "Do not separate artists" list? I have a lot of artists on that list, and the list has a limit / & , vs x and y
  6. Any chance to add the round black and white icon that is missing?
  7. Any chance to add a new icon to the list? right now in "Poweramp Equalizer" the icon that is just "black and white" has the old layout (equalizer with square corners) I would love to have the icon with the new "round corners" layout (whitout any color on the borders) this is like it looks today: thanks for your work
  8. Now that the theme buttons has just one size. Is there any chance we could have that information on other part of the UI?
  9. please make this happen!, I love Poweramp been using it from years
  10. Hi, I'm from Valdivia, Chile. I love your Poweramp, I've been using crowdin, to fix, update and make new translations of Poweramp for the es-ES translation (http://crowdin.net/project/Poweramp-player/es-ES) I hope you can update the app as soon as you can. Thanks for this great app.
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