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Not sure if this has been requested a few times, but I was going through my music folders and I realized there are certain artists that I have songs for, or artists that are featured on songs and I just don't care for that artist that much. What kept popping up on my mind was having the ability to rate each artist in Poweramp be a great feature. Just a custom 5 star rating the user has to select in Poweramp and doen't affect the tags. Exactly like the current rating system for songs is. You would have the ability to sort "artist by rating" in any lists that you can sort artist. 

I mean, anytime anyone asks how much you like an artist or how you would rate certain artists, it would be really nice to have something to look at instead of always sitting there and thinking hard about it and trying to explain something you never really think about. It would be really cool to listen to a specific artist in Poweramp and then afterwards/during attach a rating to that artist.

Just my thoughts 😃

Edit: also you could add the ability to hide artists with a one star rating in artists lists. That would help consolidate artists lists that are split due to guest features.

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Yeah I thought of that too. I think that would be good if that's what we could get.

But for example, an artist that is a guest feature on 3 songs and all the songs are rated at a 4. That artist would have a rating of a 4 even though I don't particularly like that artist? That artist may be the reason the songs only got a 4 rating. Because that artist is the weak link on the song.

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