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Home screen widget flickring


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So everytime I click on play or pause the widgets flicker, so is annoying.

I deleted the app and without any settings configured the flicker does not occur but when I import my settings it starts to happen.

So I re installed it again and didn't imported my settings, what I did was manually changing the settings. But the flicker happened anyways, so I really have no idea why it occurs.

Maybe is a specific setting I toggled but I can't figure it out, help would be appreciated.

  • Poweramp build number: build 949
  • your device model: Moto g100 XT2125-4
  • your Android version: 13
  • your custom ROM: Lineage OS
  • steps to reproduce: add widgets to home screen and then import settings. Then the flicker starts occurring.  

    Here's a video of it, and also my settings file. Help would be great, thanks.


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