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Found 27 results

  1. I am currently using build 790 and have to say maxmp did a great work and now Poweramp looks and feels like the newest app ever!! But the missing features and recent closing of the app is actually a little annoying .. I was just asking as in the first post on this build mentioned complete features by May of 2018 but I didn't receive any update info...want to know if the beta testers get new updates via play store or we need to visit forums Everytime...
  2. This is not a serious thing but the border on the album art where the filename appears is a little annoying cuz it covers most of the album art and also this thing is there in the list. A fade after few seconds option would be great and in the list it's okay!! Appreciate help!
  3. Hey , today I had to format my SD-Card. Before i formated it, it was named "SD-Karte" on my phone. After formating it Android named it "SD-Karte von Samsung" and now Poweramp doesn't find my music folder anymore and also shows 0 titles in my playlist. Can I somehow change the name of the SD-Card or is there any option in Poweramp to change the path to the new one or can I edit the playlist? Please help I don't want to do create the playlists again from scratch...
  4. 馃槦 C贸mo pas贸 de ser el mejor a el peor, Cuando regres贸 a la versi贸n 2 me marca error de licencia y a la versi贸n 3 le falta personalizaci贸n, se nota que los creadores ya ABANDONARON este reproductor, fue bueno mientras dur贸. 馃憢 Ahora tengo que buscar otro reproductor nuevo
  5. I decided to go with Android and bought a new Galaxy S7 a few days ago. I have a large music library in iTunes but now I don't know how to move those music to Android, so that I can play then on Poweramp app. What is the right way to do that?
  6. Hi, I'm for some reason can't get the output icon in the audio section settings to change into 96k I have galaxy S5 and a fiio alpen 17k alpen.
  7. I've purchased paid of Poweramp, i love this but.. 1) need a search bar on top of songs list for easy access 2) where song is playing instead of clicking on song name to access playlist need down swipe action like google play music 3) I Love this app but copy google play music gesture i would be wonderful
  8. I got a license check error. license bought in the play market, restore/reinstall did not work. Correct it please. My contact on google play: n***n@gmail.com
  9. hey guys whats up this is my first post here i hope im welcome and i hope you guys can help me somehow so im having problems with windows tag editing and with flac formats some days ago i was trying to put my albums on my moto g3 2015 and on the c laptop i was using 2 errors kept happening: i couldnt edit the tags of certain music files on windows 10, its like the changes wouldnt save, id try to write in the artist of the album but even if i saved the new changes they would disappear on other files i couldnt change any of the details and whenever i tried an error message would pop up on the screen saying "com surrogate has stopped working" so moving along from that now i am here on my newly bought desktop pc (windows 7 ultimate, 64-bits) ok so heres my problem with windows you can skip it if you want: and i realized i couldnt edit the .flac format files of my music folder neither could i play them or put them in the windows media player library (http://imgur.com/aoI6hIT) so i downloaded a plugin that let me play them and put them in the WMP library and it worked then i downloaded a program that let me edit the tags but it doesnt seem like its working since the folders dont get sorted automatically in the WMP library and since i cant edit the tags through windows itself only on the program; here you'll find better info on a thread i made on the windows 7 forums; http://www.sevenforums.com/music-pictures-video/387328-flac-windows-media-player-library.html#post3187518 OK SO HERES MY DOUBTS ABOUT Poweramp Does Poweramp play .flac files? If not, is there a way to make it play them? If it does play .flac files, is there something I should know to make that really work (because it seems like it isn't working)? Do I have to edit all the file tags/details of each song/album to make them completely accurate (on my computer) before I transfer them to the Poweramp app on my phone? Is that the only way to make this work? Anything else I should know? I really hope you guys can help me this has been a problem for nearly 4 months now! I need my music ;-; hahaha also I use Poweramp full version thanks guys
  10. Hello, I've recently bought the full version of the player. First, I downloaded the trial version from the google play store. After that, I bought the license from the website. My question is: How can I get the updates of the website version? Still from the google play? Sorry if the question is obvious but I'm new at this. Thanks in advance.
  11. Is there a website somewhere with instructions on how to do even the basic things with Poweramp?
  12. Hello, I'm having some problems with Google, they won't help me transfer my paid apps and games to my gmail account that im using today, i've been using my old gmail account on Play Store and i wonder if you could transfer my transaction to my new gmail account? If not, could you make me a refund so i can buy your product again with my new gmail account? My old gmail: en********tian@gmail.com My NEW gmail: ch**********91@gmail.com I would be so happy if you could help me out here friends! I hope you have a really good christmas and a happy new year! I don't know if i should post my Transactions ID here or if i should send it in a PM from you? Best Regards/Christmas wishes Christian Engman Sweden
  13. I listening to mixes that are bout an hour/ hour & a half long I start it on my bluetooth car stereo, but when I turn the car off, the song goes back to the start of the mix and not just paused from when it stopped, please help...what am I missing? It just gets annoying when I put my headphones in and want to continue from where I left off.
  14. GabrielaRhaysa

    Bought but with trouble!

    I had bought the Poweramp for the website, and I received the "unlocker id" I received on my correct email, and they send me another email to put on the Poweramp APP, and it's not working, 'cause the email is wrong!! My correct email is ga******sa@hotmail.com and they put *********@hotmail.com and I cannot use the pay version! What should I do?
  15. Evets53

    Tech Support?

    Does this company have any kind of interactive tech support like a telephone number or a way to get a response? I downloaded Poweramp on my Boost Samsung Transform Ultra phone and it worked fine for a while. Then it seemed to "get stuck" on one song and it froze. It wouldn't play and I couldn't get off that song. The on screen navigation worked inconsistently, e.g., I could go back to the playlist or library, but when I selected something else like another song to play, it reverted to the last song that was stuck there. It was to the point where it interfered with the usage of the phone in general and locked it up. At least once I had to resort to removing the battery from the telephone to kill Poweramp and regain usage of the phone. I have posted and reported this problem on the Bugs forum, and in another category, but I have not seen any response or gotten any response from the Poweramp company. Finally I uninstalled and reinstalled, but it is still having this problem. I like the application, but when it doesn't work and there isn't a way to connect with tech support and get it resolved that's a problem. Any useful suggestions, tech support contact information, etc. would be most appreciated. Thanks
  16. Hi! I have recently bought a Cowon Z2 and I am a novice with Android. For some reasons, the Cowon Z2 does not have the Android market application. And Google play does not recognise the device. That is why I have bought the Poweramp Full Version Unlocker directly on the website. Then, the unlocker was sent to me by e-mail. I have installed it on my music player (which is connected to Internet). But, the next day, the following message has appeared: "Impossibility to check the Poweramp licence" (...) "APM response - No valid google accounts." And I cannot access Poweramp anymore. When I click the "Help" button and write a message with my purchase number, all I get is : "No application can do that action." I really do not know what to do... and I am pretty desperate... Can somebody help me? Thank you in advance. Maxime
  17. r3e

    I lost my unlocker

    I lost my unlocker,adn i cannt find that the mail with unlocker Poweramp sent me,here is my email **********@qq.com.plz send again,thx.
  18. eh,I bought unlocker.apk directly not in Google Play, but I lost the apk last week after re-flash my HTC . How can I do? PS: My Google ID: moyunhaipalm@gmail.com
  19. Eviltweety88

    New user-silly question..

    I'm new to Poweramp and I really love the player.. . However, I can't figure out how to rate songs that are in my library on my phone? Am I just missing something somewhere? I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Note 2..I'm sure it's something really easy, but I'd really appreciate any help.. Thanks!
  20. Jamieburr

    Poweramp not responding

    Hi, hopefully an easy one. Jellybean, Galaxy note 2, and Poweramp that is kaput. I open the app and nothing responds, after a bit I get a window saying that Poweramp is not responding, wait or close? This happened after playing music in my car connecting by bluetooth, then turning the car ignition off and it has failed ever since. Do I un install and re install? If I do do I have to pay again? Any help appreciated, thanks.
  21. I've recently added a few folder to a music folder on an sd card, all of my music files are in this location, all of which has appeared in the past. I've rescanned, full rescanned, and power cycled my phone, the new folders added don't show up. They are all mp3s that are no different from other files that do appear, also other music clients I've got installed on my phone do see the folders. Any one else run into this issue or have a resolution or suggestions? I searched past topics, but haven't found much that addresses this directly. Thanks!
  22. dauntingearth852

    Need help on volume equalization

    Hi, I just joined this community I find it quite nice! May I ask your help today. The songs that I have came from different albums, and they have different volume - some are louder and some are quieter. And everytime I listen to them, I will have to turn the volume up or down between the songs. Is there a feature in Power AMP that can automatically adjust the volume for me? Please help, thanks in advance!
  23. I'm trying to discover a feature that I would assume is part of the program, but I cannot find it. If I navigate to a song in the library as follows: Library Albums Almost There I Can Only Imagine Then is there a way to set up the phones back button to return to Library/Albums/Almost There? I also get irritated that when I hit the Folders/Lib shortcut from the player UI it returns me to the root of Folders/Library instead of the most recent location. Is there a way to change this as well? If it is important, I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S3.
  24. My google account was accidentally closed. I lost much information,andI realized that the Poweramp PRO couldn't run with my new google account. So,I want to know can it be possible to move the license to my new account? That will savd sum of money.
  25. silvercrush

    Need some EQ help...

    So, I have a Samsung Fascinate and I downloaded Poweramp. I have been playing around with the EQ settings to see what I like the best, but I cannot seem to find a setting that works good. I listen to all kinds of music whether it is Rock (such as Three Days Grace or Rise Against, etc.), Rap (Jay-Z, Mac Miller, etc.), or even Country (Jason Aldean, Brantley Gilbert, etc.) I have been reading that most of the people use the Rock preset, and I tried it out. While it has a nice bass, it drowns out the rest of the sound in my opinion. I am extremely picky when it comes to the way music sounds. If you could, it would be helpful if you guys posted the EQ settings that you use so I can see if one works good for me. Any suggestions would be appreciated.