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Found 15 results

  1. I have no idea how to describe this, but some music with lyrics that have strong "sh" or "tch" sounds very strong and sharp it sometimes hurts my ear. I don't know what causes it, could be the shitty music file or the headset. Is there any way I can mitigate this effect on Poweramp?
  2. i lost my non playstore license code ., I forgot about the mail and i cleaned up my mailbox, i need help how do i get my licensed code back ?
  3. I'm not sure what it's called exactly, but just got Poweramp coming from Shuttle. I would like to be able to see the list of songs, separate from the library list, that are in my "queue" for next songs and be able to rearrange them. Also I was looking around this forum here and saw "smart playlist via 3rd party plugin" under the TODO/list. First could someone point me to a resource where I could learn how 3rd Party plugins work with Poweramp, and what they would look like. Second is their any other way to get smart playlists in power amp?
  4. Hi guys, I'm using build 302 with Android 10 and I'm having a problem, Poweramp is not keeping saved my cover art to show, it loads the covers for a few albums, but when I close the app or roll down to see other albums, all covers are gone. I choose to not download the covers because all my covers are embedded and everything is fine, other players can recognize normally but I don't know what's happening. I've checked the data folder (I believe is there where the cache is saved) and all folders are empties. Thanks.
  5. I have a folder with file names that have a number in front. How do I make the view show the file name instead of the track name? Hopefully its available but not in some obvious spot, since I have been trying to find the setting for a while. Your time and insight are appreciated.
  6. I'm trying to set individual song's album art in the same album and haven't found a solution. Zack Hemsey's Mind Heist songs each have different embedded art and they were set to their own image until I stupidly set one and it set all of them to that one. I want to set each songs album art back to their embedded, rather than set the whole album to one songs embedded image. Thanks for the help and the amazing app!
  7. Hi Team, I've been an long term user of Poweramp. Recently I met with a tragedy. My Google account is Disabled by Google and they didn't even tell me the reason, would you guys be kind enough to give me a free promo code for my current Gmail ID. *******@gmail.com was my previous mail ID for your reference. Thank You
  8. How do I turn the visual on the Equilizer page on I have been looking for it but unable to figure it out I have attached an image for example.
  9. After the new update, i'm having a problem with this shuffle option. I always want to "Shuffle All available songs" but when i select a new song from "Recently added" tab, the shuffle settings keep on changing to "Shuffle just songs". Can someone help me fix this?
  10. I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S8 software to a new version of Android Pie and once I launched the Poweramp app I noticed the sound was distorted and low. It sounded like it had a DVC slapped on it, so once I noticed this I checked the settings and they were the same, the DVC was off. But when I switched it off and on there was the slightest difference. I've been finding others with the same issue as far back as January from the forums and I just hope this can get fixed and update can get rolled out on the app as soon as possible since I'm assuming the app isn't compatible/ not functioning with this version of Android Pie.
  11. TL;DR First of all, although my account is created almost a year ago, I'm very new to using the app , and I must say no other app excels at functional gapless playing and minute calibrations of audio. However, there's an issue I'm having: queues and "now playing". The app's behavior regarding this is very different from all other music players I've encountered, including Windows and Android. From here on out, let's refer to folders, albums, artist, playlist, etc as song groups. Please consider the following scenarios: Scenario 1: Queue is empty Action: play any 1 song/tap play button in a song group Expected result: queue is populated with the song group, and the now playing song is the one selected from the action. Actual result: the now playing song is the selected, but the queue remains empty?! Scenario 2: Queue not empty Action: play any 1 song/tap play button in a song group Expected result: replace (meaning clear, then add) queue with the song group, and the now playing song is the one selected from the action. Actual result: the now playing song is the selected, but the queue remains (e.g. previously playing 2/10, now 0/10)?! Scenario 3: Clearing queue (of course queue is not empty) Precondition: -When queue is empty, play a song/tap play button in a song group. Let's call this group 1. -Then "start a queue" by tapping "Queue" in a song group. Queue is now being played. Action: Go to library → Queue → Clear queue Expected result: Queue is cleared, there is no song in "now playing" Actual result: Queue is cleared, but group 1 resumes playing?! For me, this is a bug in a music player, especially if there isn't any setting you can tweak that can fix the said issues. Example of said players: (just installed most of these just now) 1. Windows Media Player 2. Groove Music 3. Winamp 4. Google Play Music 5. Spotify (I didn't find any "clear queue/now playing" action though) 6. Samsung Music Player 7. Shuttle+ 8. BlackPlayer EX 9. Retro Music Player 10. Musixmatch Please do tell if I need to provide anymore names of other music players (as I'm sure there is a lot, if not all) aside from the mentioned list, if these 10 players are not enough. I'm just curious why is this the design? That is, this behavior is very different from every other music player. I hope you can help me out on my issues with the app and what setting should fix this bugs. Thank you. Summary: 1. Queue should not be different from "now playing". 2. Playing a song/group should replace the queue, unless deliberately adding to queue which will then append it. 3. When clearing queue, there should of course be no more songs playing, hence the word clear. App version: v3-build-830-play
  12. Hi! i updated my Samsung Galaxy S9+ to Android Pie on 15th December and when I played music the sound was way too low, usually perfect sound on 70% but not after update, before update, the Samsung Alive equalization never interfere with Poweramp but now is it, help me, I tried everything like turning off dvc but nothing, sorry for my bad English
  13. Wrong E-Mail filling in payment. Please help! Phone: 135****5678 *** Account No.: 72***19 Invoice Date: 2-Dec-2018 Payment Terms: WeChat Due Date: 12/2/2018 Shipping Method: Electronic Order status: Processed
  14. I jus need a little help. My sister just bought the app and entered beta, she updated it and while she was asking me to help her with things like choosing the folders, we ended up seeing that in her Samsung phone the WhatsApp folder doesn't show all the options like it does in mine, so when she unmarks WhatsApp in folder selection, everything disappears. Is this normal or is it a bug? Thanks and I'm sorry if this isn't the place. P.S in my Moto, I can click WhatsApp and choose among Voices, Audio, Videos, etc.
  15. First, I have to admit that I have huge amount of songs (1200+ songs) in my SD card. But I don't know if that would cause some tracks to be missing. If so, please enlighten me if i should do something with all these songs. My device: Samsung Galaxy A8+(2018) Poweramp V3-build-803 Android 8.0 The album which some songs are missing has 13 songs when i first download it. But now I just noticed that not all the songs are in the list. Now there are only 7 songs in the album It's weird how songs are missing just for this album. Many other albums just don't have any problem. Even though I tried to run both rescan and full reacan many times, I still can't get my songs back Here's the proof that this problem is real (see the pictures). As you can see in the file explorer from my device, there are 13 songs in the folder. But when you look in the app, There are only 7 songs. Please help. Any suggestion are appreciated. Thank you in advanced!
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