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5 hours ago, Azul said:

in now playing and navigation list

The Album tag is a core element for the library database, I don't think it is one that is going to be able to be removed from the navigation list. But note that you can at least hide it in the main Library list (use the three-dot menu to access the List Options, and there you can unselect any categories you wish to hide from the main list.

There has been a long-standing request to be able to customize the tags shown on the Now Playing screen. See here for the full list of the most common feature requests.


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The 'Show Titles Only' option is a per Category setting, so you can for example hide them in the Artists/Albums view for example, but show them in Folders. However that won't change what you see in the Player Screen.

For more flexibility and full customisation we'll need to wait until Max has the time to get around to adding formatting strings for the Title and Album/Artist lines - hopefully something along the lines of this summarising post I created a while back:


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