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app/program to edit extra tags on music files

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on my laptop sometimes i use the groove music app and on the titles of the song shows the "subtitle" too (i ain't even know it was a thing on music files).


when i check the music file it shows other tags that i can't edit on the mp3tag app that i always use.


so if someone knows another app or how to edit these tags on the mp3tag app would be awesome

thanks :)

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Both MP3Tag and TagScanner allow you to customize the column layout to add, move, or remove tags. You can also adjust the contents of the 'quick view' display area to do the same.

For MP3Tag, right-click on the columns header row and you can tick/untick any items, or use 'Customize Columns' to build your own defined items. Same goes for right-clicking on the quick view panel on the left. I actually just did this to include Lyrics, so I can quickly see and sort files that have embedded lyrics to help in testing the new PA features.


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@ihaspei There are dozens (hundreds?) of possible tags, it's one of those never-ending rabbit-holes when you start investigating them.

Here's a general guide to how each tag type in various different file formats corresponds between formats: https://picard-docs.musicbrainz.org/en/appendices/tag_mapping.html . The ID3 tag format is mostly used in MP3 files (and what can be used varies by the ID3 version used) while Vorbis tags are more common in FLAC.


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