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  1. It seems that both Neutron and Audio Player Pro have got a parametric equalizer and some headphones-frequency-response-correction, in Audio Player PRO as an in-app-purchase ("tonebooster"). So the main difference, practically speaking, is the user interface ? And that experience seems to decide the matter for most users.
  2. Although if you just want more bass you won't need 60 EQ bands, just one (parametric) will do nicely. The thing with a parametric equalizer being not that you've got so many bands, but that you need so few.
  3. That's correct if you don't do any DSP ( eq, reverb, stereox etc ). But if you do any DSP then Poweramp will calculate with 32 bits and the numbers will change. And these numbers then will not have all zeros in bit 17 to 32. If then Poweramp's output gets truncated to 16 bits when it is transferred to the DAC, then dither will make sense here too. Or looking for a high-res-output-setting that accepts 24 bit or 32 bit.
  4. If it were added after the last 8 bits had been cut then it wouldn't make sense : damage done and an additional damage heaped on top of that. So the dither-noise is added during the truncation or before it. See the wikipedia article https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dither
  5. Thanks a lot ! That's an interesting link ! So for all practical purposes of music playing 24 bit should be more than enough, that means for Poweramp on Samsung upsampling to 192 kHz.
  6. I tried it out with a test file with sampling rate of 88.2 kHz - Poweramp just displays that as 88 kHz. Which is a good thing actually (not the display, but the fact that it's 88.2) - nobody would need a slightly uneven multiple of 44.1 kHz 🙂 .
  7. Thank you ! Good to know ! So if I don't want to lose precision - the DSP works with 32 bit it seems - I have to upsample to 384 kHz ( for Poweramp on recent Samsung hardware with wired headphones ).
  8. ... and with 384 kHz I get 32 bit and see the message I mentioned regarding the os effects.
  9. Yep, I can confirm that : And in that setting the os sound effects don't work any longer, which one would expect when using > 16 bit
  10. @andrewilley Thank you! With Poweramp and high-res I get 16 bit output with 96 kHz, when I use another music player ( which utilizes AudioTrack ) 32 bit audio are possible ( as confirmed by the os which tells me I cannot use the os sound effects due to 32 bit audio playing ). So that "locking" might be due to the OpenSL ES driver. Anyway, obviously can't be changed in Poweramp.
  11. Two questions regarding high-res-output: on my Samsung S9 with Android 10 and Poweramp with version build-893-arm64-play I activated high-res-output. - I would like to use the exact double of 44.1 kHz and can choose 88 kHz, not 88.2 kHz. Is this number incorrectly displayed? The other multiples of 44.2 kHz are shown as I would expect them - the sample format is shown as 16 bit - is it possible to choose 24 bit or 32 bit ? The second issue also applies to 24 bit input: Btw: the device supports 32 bit audio, so this shouldn't be a problem.
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