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Enhancements to the new lyrics interface in 948


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Thank you @maxmp for the new lyrics interface!

This resolved my old request to automatically refresh the lyrics on track change. It's also great that fond size can be changed by pinching the window.

Two things that popped up immediately on my wish list:

Priority order of local lyrics

Which lyrics is shown if there is embedded USLT and SYLT lyrics? And what if there is also a LRC file? 

Possibility to launch the external lyrics app

  • Possibility to launch the external lyrics app even if there are local lyrics  available. Maybe add it as an option in the "three dot" menu? Reason for this is that I like to view some lyrics in Genius where you get some explanations to the wording and context of the song even if I have embedded lyrics.

EDIT: Cool! Found the "Long press on lyrics item" in the lyrics setting menu! This works from the "three dot" menu but not from the lyrics button on the album cover.

"No lyrics found"/(OPEN LYRICS APP) page

  • Is there an option to bypass this page and directly launch the pre-selected lyrics app?
  • It would be great to be able  to change lyrics provided on this page, maybe replace "Lyrics can be searched..." by the name of the chosen lyrics app, tapping on the app could bring up a selection box for the lyrics app? This would allow the user to quickly switch between lyrics apps and google
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@6b6561 thanks for the feedback. Priority is currently LRC -> tag -> plugin. Priorities were coded as option first, but I removed the option to simplify things.

No lyrics found screen is shown as we must give (future, in development) lyrics plugins time to fetch the lyrics. Though some options to skip that are possible of course.

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I didn't think about the possible plugins, as that means that there is another source of lyrics.

LRC -> tags -> plugin -> app / search

I'm more and more in favor of my proposal of:

  • Short tap - this would be the automatic LRC -> tags -> plugin -> app / search
  • Long tap - one page with available sources and the user selects what to display


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I agree with Max that the automatic priority should be:

  1. LRC file. The file contents will dictate whether they should be treated as synced or not. And if you don't want a particular LRC file to be used, it'd be simple enough to just remove or rename it.
  2. Synced embedded lyrics.
  3. Unsynced embedded lyrics.
  4. Sourced from plugin (if one is available).
  5. Manual online search (only if selected by the user though, as it would necessarily take you to a different web-based interface).

The main thing which occurred to me from my recollections of the (somewhat lengthy!) discussion threads over the past few years was I think the consensus was that it would ideal for the lyrics to be displayable superimposed over the album art on the normal player screen - and especially so for synced lyrics - in a light coloured font with a black rim so it would show up over any artwork. In that mode, I don't think missing lyrics should generate a "No Lyrics Found" screen, and if the user wants to find something they can always long-press on the new button and use the Select function from there.


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