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  1. I found a workaround to overcome this issue, that workaround being downloading Build 818 provided here: With this build I am able to get back that dynamic, loud sound that was lost when I updated my phone. Although the only issue I have now is just some audio crackling that can't apparently be fixed with changing the buffer size, but it's better than having the sound nuttered.
  2. I've tried this many times, and just restored them right now for good measure, still nothing 😕
  3. I have a Samsung Galaxy S8, and yes I've tried resetting the audio and setting it back up with no luck. I have also done the general things one can do when having issues such as clearing the cache, re installing the app, clearing the data for the app, and so on but I continue to have the same issue.
  4. I recently updated my Samsung Galaxy S8 software to a new version of Android Pie and once I launched the Poweramp app I noticed the sound was distorted and low. It sounded like it had a DVC slapped on it, so once I noticed this I checked the settings and they were the same, the DVC was off. But when I switched it off and on there was the slightest difference. I've been finding others with the same issue as far back as January from the forums and I just hope this can get fixed and update can get rolled out on the app as soon as possible since I'm assuming the app isn't compatible/ not functioning with this version of Android Pie.
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